How To Get So Lucky That Leprechauns Are Jealous [VIDEO]

Luck! He’s lucky! She’s lucky! Everyone but me has all the luck in the world!

We hear it all the time. The it’s not fair brigade loves to tell you how hard they have it and how easy it is for the ‘gurus’ to make all the money. I always smile when I hear these complaints and think back to how I got started and how ‘easy’ it was for me…

Let’s go through it…

Living on 5 dollars a week for food.
Spent entire days and nights in the subways systems of Toronto to stay warm because I had no where to sleep that night.
Going 20k in debt to fund my business.
Driving tens of thousands of miles across North America to attend live events to help my business grow.

Oh yeah, it was just a walk in the park. I was so lucky.

Ooops I almost forgot, it also took me about 5 years to make my first real income online.

I read in a book a few years ago that the formula for getting lucky was as follows;

Preparation + Attitude + Opportunities + Action = Luck

Crazy huh?

You mean, there is no secret? No get rich quick scheme? No instant results in 20 days or less?

Nope, just focusing on personal growth and having the right mindset starts to uncover all the opportunities in the world. However nothing and I mean nothing means a hill of beans unless there is action at the end of all this fancy stuff. You can have all the dreams in the world, all the passion available, but without a game plan for action…Nothing matters.

That’s such a brilliant formula because I’m living proof that it’s not some kind of new age mumbo jumbo. This is real life experiences, that translated into the luckiest S.O.B. you’ll ever meet.

Lucky? Not at all. Grateful and blessed? Absolutely!

The real secret to getting lucky is as simple as that. Show up, grow, have the right mindset and the world ill open up for you. Follow that up with action and PRESTO. You’re now the lucky one!

8 thoughts to “How To Get So Lucky That Leprechauns Are Jealous [VIDEO]”

  1. Hey Jon,

    For my mindset, I like to read at least a chapter a day from personal development books, and anything to help me grow as a entrepreneur and business person. And for action, I simply show up every day (even when the going gets tough, LOL I’m not quoting that 80’s song) and put into action what I’m learning every day.

    Thanks for really reminding me on this important topic. And thanks again for the free gift man!

  2. I watch when I can and enjoy Jon he has inspired me.The family always kidded me about making penny’s now l make more.Got2 downlines I’m the leader at Adrian,s-hub because of watching Jon .

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