Getting Back On The Horse…Why You MUST Jump Back In The Game!

So for the past few weeks I’ve been on the road travelling across the country! In case you aren’t too familiar with Canadian geography, this is a big country 😉

It can take days and even a full week of driving to reach one end of the country to the next. And as much as I tried to stay up to date with posting content and being as engaging as I could…Being on the road throws a monkey wrench into your productivity.

I have a routine that I followed since I started here on STEEM and it worked like this…

MondayMonday Night Thoughts on @Dlive

TuesdayThe Tuesday Noob Night CryptoCast

WednesdayThe HODL Challenge

ThursdayFreestyle Topics…Whatever came to mind!

FridayThe @Dtube Book Review

SaturdayRest and OFF the computer!

SundayThe SportsNerds Sunday Night Talk Show + Random Thoughts

A full week! And I stuck to this schedule pretty well since I began my journey on STEEM….

However, being on the road…Well…You can just toss that schedule out the window LOL

And over the next few weeks I’ll be super busy and working to get ready for the STEEM Creators Conference & SMT Summit…So August of 2018 is basically I write off for my ‘routine and schedule’…

Doesn’t matter!

I can hear the world’s smallest violin playing because guess what…Things happen, plans change and I need to pull up the straps and get to work…


And that’s a tough sell but it’s so important for anyone that’s trying to build a brand on STEEM to get back on the horse and keep posting content!

Keep engaging and by doing so, you get your name out there and people can see your passion. And yeah, I get it..It’s easier said than done, especially after you take anytime off.

But your future self will thank you 🙂

Here’s the simple truth of it all…

I can’t push you to create content and engage with people on the blockchain!

There’s no post on STEEM that will motivate you to keep creating after some time off…

And don’t rely on the personal development gurus to keep you accountable…

This is up TO YOU!

It’s the biggest nugget you will ever learn in business or in creating content…Taking action and getting back on schedule will solve 90% of your problems!

Don’t wait until you feel inspired or motivated, get the pen to paper and start creating today…Whether you’ve been off STEEM for a week or 6 months…

Again…Your future self will thank you!



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