Getting Your Timing Right For Maximum Success


The recent playoffs at CTP Teams saw some really spectacular successes and some devastating disappointments.

It was interesting to see how some teams would make small gains during the early stages of the playoffs and then try to catch the opposition off guard by not responding to offensive moves.

The idea was to lull the opposition into a false sense of security by giving them the impression that they didn’t have to work too hard to secure victory.

Then with the opponents taking it easy, the idea was to pounce at the last minute in the hope of snatching a last minute win.

The teams who played this skillfully were well rewarded but it a dangerous game because if you get the timing wrong then you lose.

Now while timing mistakes could see teams knocked out of the playoffs then there is always the chance to regroup and hope to do better next time round.

The problem is if you get your timings wrong in business then you have a lot more to lose than just a game.

Maybe you have delayed buying a domain name so that you can get it next time there is a sale. Get your timing right and you may pick up a bargain but if you get it wrong, and someone takes the domain you want, then this could do serious damage to your business.

Plus 1 is knowing what decisions have to be taken with urgency, which ones you can delay a little bit and which ones don’t need to me made at all right now.

Getting your timing right in business is a skill you will learn over time. Each time you do so then it is a major Plus 1.

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