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Goal Setting Done Right…Are You Up For The Challenge?

We’re going to be trying something new today…And it’s all about goal setting!

In my years of reading about goal setting and studying the masters like Brian Tracy and Darren Hardy, I’ve combined a few of their techniques and created a simple to follow goal setting challenge that I want to share with you….

I call it my Goal Setting Guinea Pig Challenge…And the reason why, is because we want to experiment on ourselves and use ourselves as the example.

goal setting
(Free Goal Setting PDF Download Can Be Found Below…)

I truly believe if you want change in your life, you need to become the change and goal setting is the sure fire way to make it happen.

First up, here is the download for the plan. It’s 3 simple steps and I encourage you to print the PDF out and follow along with the action steps…

=> Download The Goal Setting Guinea Pig Challenge Here! <=

I think we over complicate goal setting and how powerful it can be. This plan is meant to be crazy simple and ‘doable’ for anyone.

Not only do I believe in these techniques, I have actually LIVED them. Practiced them. And know they work because I’ve seen it happen in my own life.

I hope you enjoy the challenge and take part, it has the potential to change your life forever 🙂

8 thoughts to “Goal Setting Done Right…Are You Up For The Challenge?”

  1. Got my Journal new white board. Printed out the Goal setting Guinea Pig sheet. Now It’s time to change what I’ve been doing. I’ve never been one to plan ahead I just do stuff as I go along. I find when I’m putting my goals down I find myself thinking too much .Like oh that never going to happen. Hopefully this exercise will help me either that

    1. Love it man, thanks for taking part. Yeah, first 2 weeks…Just let it flow. Top 10 goals you wish to achieve. Dont over think it, just what comes to mind first. After those 2 weeks, then the fun begins 🙂

      1. I download but i want to put in googledrive . That best place for me to have it . and acess it to read them. I have questions. where it says website. it that anyone or just owners. down above post comment?

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