Golden Opportunities Where You Least Expect Them

A lot of the training inside @ClickTrackProfit is focused on helping affiliate marketers become better with their business. We teach them everything from list building to personal branding. From content marketing to you guessed it, even the blockchain…

But a big chunk of what we do is tailor made to affiliate program owners as well…

We have developed training for these new affiliate program owners in the hopes of once again, getting them better results from their businesses….And one of the lessons we’ve been working on lately is how to approach customer service…

ClickTrackProfit consists of 2 owners…Myself and @blainjones ! And while we may not have a huge staff, we like to think we’re accessible to all our members anytime they need some help.

We have Telegram support, Facebook pages, Discord groups, Twitter accounts and of course…A customer service ticket system!

Here’s a little secret….

Our customer service ticket system is pure gold!

Here’s why….

1. We can turn a lousy experience, into an awesome one!

Most of the time, o.k. pretty much all of the time, people put in tickets when they have an issue with their account. So they are usually, a little jaded. We do our best to make sure our systems are working properly but things break, stuff goes offline…So when people send in a ticket from something they are stuck on, this is our opportunity to shine.

Instead of firing back with ‘It’s your fault, you broke something!’ we use this opportunity to help them out. Fix the problem and see if we can help in any other way. Seems straight forward enough, but you’d be blown away at how many affiliate program owners miss this HUGE opportunity to turn an experience around for their customers.

2. We can attempt to create a raving fan!

Imagine when someone loves what you do, they may tell a few people about their great experience. When someone has a miserable experience, they tell the world. So we take every opportunity we can in the support tickets to turn them into a raving fan! Some of the best marketing you can ever do is, create a wow experience for your current clients…And let them spread your brand and business 🙂 And plus, it’s just the right way, we think, to do business!

3. It offers us free advice on how to improve!

There is a lot of ego in the online business world…Program owners sometimes get the better of themselves and believe the hype! Fact is, we can always improve. So here’s what happens when someone sends in a ticket to us…We look at the issue and discuss it between ourselves…Can something this customer said be added? Is there something we can improve upon? Is this a good idea for future development? It’s amazing the ideas you can get, when you let the ego relax and just listen to your customers…

There are so many more reasons why putting customer service at the top of the priority list is important…These are just 3.

No matter what online business you are trying to develop, without taking care of your customers first…You really don’t have a business. Period.


Want to get started building an online business today?

We’ve got the perfect solution….

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