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The Greatest Opportunity Online Is…You!

“This is the perfect opportunity online that you will find!”

“Be sure to join our pre-launch now, because in 24 months from now, we’ll launch…”

“Don’t miss this greatest online opportunity ever, if you do, you’ll hate yourself!”

Lots of claims out there when it comes to the perfect ‘online opportunity’. They seem to pop up every day with bold claims of instant success, team building schemes and ‘join now or else’ promises. You can almost understand why so many new marketers online fail before they even get started.

Truth be told, they are being force fed a lie.

Here’s the truth…You won’t lose your life if you don’t…JOIN NOW! The pre-launch that seems to be going on for a year, is still going to be pre-launching tomorrow. Bitcoin will go up and down just like any other currency.

We focus on the wrong things when it comes to looking at opportunities online. What we should be doing is looking..Directly in the mirror.

Yup, YOU are the greatest opportunity online! Your ability to share your story with others, build relationships with your peers and serve your customers will be the greatest ‘money making’ opportunity you will ever find online.

You are unique, you have something the world needs to hear and if you start focusing on these two things, you will have massive success.

1. Build your personal brand (a.k.a. get people to know, like and trust YOU)

2. Focus on building your contact list.

Here’s why I believe these two tips so much. Not only because I have lived by these techniques for over a decade and seen the results but let’s look at them and how they can truly help you.

Obviously, people do business with those they know, like and trust. This isn’t something new to hear. But when you focus on being in front of people day in and day out, you start to build trust. Providing great content through blogging, and social media only helps your brand. This is why personal branding is so important…Over time, people start to discover YOU and trust you more.

And second, opportunities come and go…I started ‘building my list‘ around 2003 and I’m actually STILL emailing people that joined my list 14 years ago. You see, this pre-launch will end and the hype will die down. That opportunity might become a success overnight but fade off into the sunset next month. But your list…Stays with you forever!

That’s an asset to focus on…

You see…YOU are the best opportunity. You are who people will do business with…If you get people to know like and trust you, business will literally…Come to you. You will attract THE right people for YOUR opportunity!

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