Growing Your Steem Account…One Day At A Time

I am always trying to find new ways to add value to the STEEM blockchain. Because when I do that, not only do I help the community but I also help my own account grow. The beautiful part of STEEM is that we can build amazing brands and awesome relationships, every day, doing things that we love.

And I’m in love with content creation…

From writing blog posts via @steempress to recording videos on @dtube … There seems to be no shortage of awesome applications here on STEEM to broadcast our message to the world…

One of the projects I’ve been working on this past month is the #RoadTo177SP initiative. The goal is simple, teaching Steemians how to grow their account and generate more Steem Power. The problem that we come across is that people notice these whale account with hundreds of thousands of Steem Power and simply see it as levels they will never achieve…

They need something more realistic.

Something achievable that they CAN reach if they push themselves every day…

Here’s a little trick I have been using for years, which I called ‘Plus 1’, that pushes us to be better at sunset than we were at sunrise.

And the best part is…We can use a very popular Steem tool to help guide us and inspire us to grow every day.

Let me introduce you a site that…Needs no introduction…. 😉

This amazing site run by @arcange has gamified the entire Steem experience. You receive badges for reaching certain levels and achievements on the blockchain. It’s a fun way to see how close you are to your new achievement and if you know my history in online business…You’ll know I’m a big fan of badges 😉

That being said…There are two measuring sticks that Steemitboard provides that has helped me since I began my mission in early 2018 to reach 5000 Steem Power.

Average Upvotes Per Post – This is a vanity metric in my opinion but still shows the engagement I’m getting. While it doesn’t directly translate into how ‘popular’ my posts are, it’s still a fun indicator to use in our journey. So you may not be getting 68 upvotes per post…Maybe you are starting your journey with 3 per post. Perfect! Aim for 4 tomorrow….When you hit 4, shoot for 5 next week…And so on. That is the ‘Plus 1 Mentality‘…Always be growing, even if it’s in small chunks every day!

Average Post Rewards – This is my go to metric for measuring my growth on Steem when it comes to content creation. Right now I’m averaging over 12 Steem Power per post as a payout. That means I’m getting 12 SP every day because I post…Literally everyday! Again, maybe you are starting at 1 Steem Power per post…PERFECT!!!! Now shoot for 1.10 Steem Power tomorrow. After you hit that, push yourself a little more to reach 1.20 Steem Power and so on….Plus 1…Every day!

Do these simple measuring sticks mean that you will reach whale status in 4 weeks or less?

Absolutely not, but do you see how this stuff can start to compound? You almost make a game out of discovering new ways to add value to your content so that your numbers grow every day….This works!

If you have not yet read my post from last year about my journey to 5000 Steem Power, please do. I think that will show you how important it is to write down your goals today and using tool like Steemitboard, measure your growth…Every day!

Chip away, add value daily, because this stuff adds up and you will be on your way to 177 Steem Power in no time 🙂

I hope this was of value to you and helps you on your journey here on STEEM!


Want to grow your STEEM account but are still confused about what the difference between SBD and Steem Power are? We understand. Because we were stuck too…That’s why we developed Steem Savvy…Your guide to the #RoadTo177SP

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