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What Happens When We Focus On The Small Wins?

We are taught from very early on in our internet marketing career that we need to hit home runs!

We aren’t supposed to focus on the small wins that add up, it’s got to be a grand slam or else…We’re a failure 🙁

Sad story? Reality? Being too harsh?

The biggest problem I have seen in my almost two decades of working online is that people expect huge results in only a few short months of work. Heck, even 2 months seems like an eternity for some people. And as much as the message goes out, we seem to ignore the writing on the wall. Which tells us…

Success takes time. Building an online business won’t happen in 30 days or less.

Doesn’t really get you excited does it? Having to actually ‘put in the work’ to become successful online…

I’ve shared this example on why we need to master making $2.73 a day first before we can even consider a 6 or 7 figure business online (image below). It talks about the small ins and how important they are because when we focus on them daily, it starts to snow ball…

small wins

Recently I watched a fantastic video that shared why we can get too hard on ourselves when we are growing and experiencing the journey of building an online brand and business. In it, Roberto Blake (the creator of the video) talked about creating 100 pieces of content and not expecting applause. We need to do the ‘little things’ and get the small wins under our belts so that it feeds our bigger goals.

This is so important for creating life time income!

Still, people want the easy route. They want the short cut to success. But the truth is, the quickest way to make money online is to actually…Take your time.

That’s the entire DNA again of Plus 1 Daily and why i created this blog. We need to focus on small wins that add up over time. Truly becoming better a sunset than we were at sunrise…Each and every day!

4 thoughts to “What Happens When We Focus On The Small Wins?”

  1. To paraphrase one of my favorite hymns….. “one step at a time…” Too many owners (and members) think it is easy… if it were easy, we would all be rich!! Thanks Jon for reminding us of the basics!

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