Haters And Complainers Are A Sign Of Plus 1 Success

haters wanted

When you are doing things right then you are going to have lots of fans of what you are doing.

The Plus 1 mentality will see you looking after your customers so that they keep coming back for more.

It will also see you treating your prospective customers well so that they are encouraged to become future customers of yours when they are ready to do so.

It will also see you freely offer help, advice and information to those who want it regardless of whether they are customers or not.

These are things which will see you rise above your competition and ensure that you gain multiple Plus 1 successes over time.

That’s all good news obviously but there is also some bad news which you also have to be prepared to deal with.

You will also gather to yourself a smaller number of haters, trolls and complainers who will do nothing for your business but offer distractions.

They will do some or all of the following:

  • be abusive to you for no reason at all and will never offer any explanation for this attitude.
  • never buy anything from you but freely offer advice about where your business is ‘going wrong’
  • get angry with you if you fail to implement the changes you suggest
  • find ever new and inventive ways to waste your time and drive you round the bend
  • suck up your time with their demands for attention
  • actively try to harm your business
  • constantly tell you that the way you do business is simply ‘not fair’ to them or people like them
  • try to get as much as they can from you for free, and if they succeed they will then demand more.

The haters, time wasters, freeloaders and other members of the ‘its not fair’ community won’t ever add anything to your business but they seem to be a side effect of being successful.

The trick is just to put up with them and not give them too much attention.


4 thoughts to “Haters And Complainers Are A Sign Of Plus 1 Success”

  1. Patrick nice post and so very true. I find a lot of it really comical. The whole world is becoming entitled and there are so many life coaches out there that think there way is the way. Many of the folks I see are more worried about their “rights” and what they think they deserve, those that rip what you are doing are usually the ones that are consumed with doing nothing. It is a great way to scratch the surface and see who people really are

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