Help Your Subscribers On Their Journey Towards Success

We spend a lot of time trying to generate new subscribers to our mailing lists!

There is nothing wrong with trying to build your mailing list however I think we need to look at ‘WHY’ we are building that list differently. And it starts with putting yourself in your subscribers shoes.

Here’s an angle that is becoming more popular in internet marketing circles and for good reason. We need to think of our subscribers as the ‘hero’ of their story and ourselves as the guides that help them get there.

Let me break this down 🙂

We know we need to create awareness through social media and content marketing posts that will eventually generate new subscribers. However once the person is on your list you’ve essentially started to build a story around them.

Remember, people really don’t care what you are doing or offering them unless it benefits them directly.

So as you create interest in your products or services, your goal as an email marketer is to build a desire within each subscriber to ‘win’ their journey by using what you are offering.

Seems pretty straightforward right?

Through your email marketing series you frame it as if they are the hero that will win and conquer a problem they are facing, by using the products and services you are offering. This is how you generate lifetime loyal customers when you lead by valuable content and your subscribers start to see some HUGE results from your advice and suggestions.

It’s quite the rewarding experience when you here that someone has struggled for years and then they followed your suggestion and PRESTO – Results!

And the most important part is, you don’t give up after they take the action and you deliver the results…You keep the content coming, staying top of mind for them throughout their lifetime journey with you as their guide to success!

3 thoughts to “Help Your Subscribers On Their Journey Towards Success”

  1. Jon,

    In theory that sounds good. However, when I opted in to a few
    surfers splash page, they followed up with more ( Dialing for Te’s )

    Years ago, you may recall the Tv show, Dialing for dollars.

    When you look in all the TE’s to their downline builders, all you
    see are Dialing for Te’s.

    Kinda like on the old rotator dial phones. 1 Te 2 Te 3 Te 4 Te, just
    dial each number and you will have dialed into another Te.

    With that said, I totally stop opting in to surfers splash pages.

    Imagine few years back when internet marketers used Te’s
    for advertising, then it all changed, force out in around about

    But, look what would of happen in the present time, if the Te
    owners had vision and steered members to invest a few dollars
    in buying Bitcoins when they were One Penny each, 10 cents each.

    Today, those bitcoins valued at over $7,000.00 per Bitcoin.

    Today’s Te leadership is stuck on the rotary phone system, dialing
    for more Te’s. It’s all one see’s to those in house downline builders.

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