Here’s What We Can Control When It Comes To Crypto…

It seems like every day you hear about the FUD…The fear, uncertainty and doubt that plagues the crypto markets and has since day one. I am a big believer in crypto, especially STEEM, so I usually get thrown under the bus on social media platforms when I start raving about it all…

Hey I don’t blame them…

The promises of instant riches. The sure bet Bitcoin was this time last year….Hype, hoopla and more promises…

And then reality sets in. We go from $20,000 BTC, to around $3,000. We saw STEEM as high as $7-8 each and now we’re down to around 25 cents…So I think it’s pretty clear….

If you believe in crypto, you should NOT be here because of the price lol Because if you start talking about how much fiat you are going to make by investing in this stuff well, you set yourself up to get criticized…A lot.

So what can we do?

We obviously can’t control what the price of crypto so that leads me to STEEM…

This blockchain is unique. Not only do we have some of the most intriguing and addicting dApps on the planet (SteemMonsters, Magic Dice, Partiko….Just to name a few)…But we still have the ability, for everyday people to….CREATE!

I know it sounds so….2017….But content creation on STEEM is such a powerful tool for more people to be introduced to this blockchain.

I’ve been in love with content marketing as a business model for years now. And have spent the better part of a decade, building blogs, creating video training and doing live streams…To help grow my brand and ultimately, my businesses.

And I could never control how successful my industry was in general. But I could control the effort I put into my content…Every day.

I developed a daily live stream that went strong for 5 years plus. And all I did was…Show up! I’ve been writing blogs since 2003 and once again, all I did was show up and create! The industry had it’s issues and things I wished I could change, but at the end of the day…All I could control was my daily effort.

So this is a call to action for everyone on STEEM. And even those of you that might be reading this and have not yet joined the blockchain….Creating content and engaging every single day on this blockchain is what you CAN control.

The prize of STEEM can go from 20 cents to 2 bucks….It doesn’t matter! We talk in investing terms about dollar cost averaging your investments, well I would suggest that we take that exact same approach here.

Create, engage and share on STEEM…Every day! No matter if the price is 2 cents or 20 dollars per token. So when things are great, you’ve built a strong brand for yourself and people will look to you for guidance. And when things aren’t going that great when it comes to price, we’re continuing to add value to people’s journey. Remember, we’re still EARNING STEEM and that’s one of the biggest secrets to all this crypto stuff…

Now is the time to build and create here so that when the masses start poking around….They see YOU leading the charge!

You’ve heard it from me over the past 13 months….Stop worrying about the price, because we can’t control it!

Let’s worry about;

1. Creating
2. Engaging
3. Accumulating

Because once again, that’s all we can really control…Our daily actions!



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