HIVE Needs More Content Consumers…Let’s Attract Them!

About a year or so ago on the ‘old blockchain’ @paulag made a comment that stuck with me for all this time…

The topic came up about our need to get more engagement on the blockchain and ways we could help with onboarding…Now I’m paraphrasing, but she hit the nail on the head when she stated…

“We need more content consumers before we even think about mass adoption…”

It’s awesome that we focus on creation and that should never stop…However without people actually engaging and consuming our content, we’re kind of missing the entire point of it all…

You have to remember, people won’t immediately come to HIVE and engage with our content because of one simple fact…

Grandma Jones and Uncle Ed aren’t on HIVE….

They are on Facebook. Instagram and heaven forbid, Tiktok.

We’ve got some massive benefits working for us though….HIVE isn’t held back by any one entity now that puts marketing and onboarding on the back burner. Plus the DHF is for entrepreneurs and developers to use and help build this blockchain….That’s fantastic and some huge wins for HIVE, but rarely did we see onboarding and marketing as priority on the ‘other chain’…

So how do we make that a priority?

I work with new people to the blockchain each and every day and I can tell you this….Sending them to is a LOT easier than the ‘cluster’ that was on the old blockchain. That is a great entry point and seeing the dApps help with onboarding is huge. I’ve got my little project to help as well with @clicktrackprofit training about HIVE and slowly, people are embracing it and getting excited about the possibilities!

Which brings us back to marketing…Here’s a question….

What’s our unique selling proposition?

Decentralization? I’m all for it, but whether we want to believe it or not, most in the world don’t care about it. The last thing they are thinking about when they wake up is Mark Zuckerberg…

Getting Paid To Post? Welp, as we have seen…It’s really hard to make an income from your content here. Maybe if HIVE was a buck but who knows when that will be. I don’t know if selling this place as a way to make a living will work…

The Applications? Some amazing projects can be found here, and I think there is massive potential with that angle. Especially as HIVE gets easier and easier to onboard new people…

Here’s my take…I think a big selling point is community!

Yeah, Grandma Jones and Uncle Ed aren’t on HIVE yet…But there are still some amazing people here, pioneering communities (and tribes) in niches and categories they have passion in.

Think about what brings people together more than anything else online…Common interests. And HIVE can be built around that angle…

Develop, build, create, and thrive in something YOU actually belong to. That is so powerful. On a human angle and on a social engagement one as well….

So what can we do…?

We all want to help out, so how can the every day HIVE user spread the word about HIVE?

What about the HIVE member that isn’t a tech and blockchain guru? Or someone without deep pockets and big upvotes?

Here’s my game plan…Because I think I represent both of those markets LOL


1. Use the dApps – As more and more projects jump back and poke around HIVE, we will see some amazing development happen. Use them and support these projects!

2. Engage daily – We need more content CONSUMERS! Which means, engage with the posts and content, add your comments, get involved in the discussions!!! Heck you might even get upvoted for doing so 🙂

3. Share HIVE content – You are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and….Tiktok? Share what you are creating and building on these platforms. Leverage them and spark some curiosity from your followers and networks.

4. Support each other – Upvote each other, show that you have big belief in what we are all trying to build here. There is a time and place for disagreements and debates, right now I think we should be united and promote HIVE to the world.

5. Be a product of OUR product – Where those hashtags with honor! #HiveIsAlive #ThriveOnHive show the world how awesome HIVE is…Become a raving fan of this blockchain everywhere you go…Remember, the most powerful marketing strategy in history is word of mouth. Let’s tell the world how awesome our blockchain is!

If we all do our part, we won’t need a ‘marketing strategy’ because our community is the greatest marketing strategy in any blockchain. Actual users, that fought the evil empire and WON! Let’s talk about that and focus on building HIVE to massive heights…

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