How A Post By @Stackin Can Help You Become More Productive…

I stay away from the computer (and all things business / blockchain related) on Saturdays so when I turn everything back on….I’m playing catch up for half the night 🙂

One of the posts that I missed on Saturday was a fantastic one by @stackin

In it, he asked…How Much Time Do We Spend On STEEM?

I laughed because before May 7th…I spent a good chunk of my day reading posts, watching videos, engaging and interacting on the blockchain.

After May 7th….My schedule has been a complete disaster LOL (Could be why I’m writing this post at 4:13am….For video proof, please video my latest Twitter update lol)

But it made me take a look at my schedule and how I want to structure my days going forward…Or at least how I plan to. To be transparent, I do practice what I preach and I WILL get on this schedule once my life…Gets back to normal 😉

The first thing to note…I don’t think there is a right amount we should spend on Steem. As much as YOU feel productive and have contributed. @stackin mentioned he spent about 2-3 hours on Steem, and potentially more if the bulls come back lol

1. For me, it’s a bit more…I spend a good chunk of my day interacting with my community for @SteemSavvy on Discord. And while it’s not officially on the ‘blockchain’, I do believe growing relationships should be a priority. So I try to hang out as much as I can…

I’d also throw in other social media platforms like Twitter here as well. As you are well aware….Steem is a kinda a big deal on Twitter 😉

Discord / Twitter EngagementThroughout the day, at LEAST an hour

2. I also spend a good deal of time creating either a blog post via @SteemPress or a vlog via @Dtube . Video editing and uploading takes longer than writing and editing some text…So for my ‘video’ days, you can add an extra hour to the total.

Content CreationAt least an hour, up to 2 hours for video creation and editing.

One of the best parts of my journey here on Steem is learning more about video editing and uploading through IPFS…I’m grateful for everything Ive learnt and continue to learn. That’s one of the best kept secrets of this blockchain…Content creation PUSHES you to learn new skills.

3. Community engagement and responding to people that comment on my blog is MASSIVE to me. I am a firm believer that if someone comes to my blog, and leaves a comment…The LEAST I should be doing is responding and upvoting them. This is so important to me and my journey on Steem.

Responding / EngagingThroughout the day, about an hour.

And now we come to curation…

4. A big part of the Steem journey and a unique feature of our blockchain community. I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t do a good enough job at curation.

This is where I NEED to improve. I do try to engage as much as possible with the people I’m following but going forward, I’m going to make a much better effort at this. Shout of to @NathanMars for everything he’s been doing with #Seven77 and making me realize I need to step up!

CurationAbout 30 minutes to an hour a day

So let’s add it all up…

If I’m writing text based contentApprox. 3.5 Hours A Day
If I’m creating video contentApprox. 4.5 Hours A Day

Something @stackin mentioned that I would LOVE to highlight is how important @Partiko has been to my journey and my ability to interact with everyone. This mobile app is a MUST!!

So there you have it…I saw a post this weekend, gave it a good once over and came up with a schedule I plan to implement a lot more in the upcoming weeks….

As soon as I get this baby to sleep 😉


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