How Do You Attract The Whale Upvotes? Here’s A Hint…

I’m only a few days away from my ‘one year’ Steem-anniversary and I’ve been reflecting a lot about my journey, so far, on STEEM.

I came to this blockchain with big dreams, and I’ll be honest…The lure of the mighty ‘whale upvote‘ was almost too good to be true. I would see post getting love from these mega-accounts here on STEEM and thought to myself…Why not me?

I can earn their trust…

I’ll produce good content that will for sure attract their attention…

And after about a month or so, I understood how that was like playing the lottery for your retirement plans.

If it happens….Great! But don’t rely for it…

So I decided to show up…Everyday.

And produce content that I ENJOYED to produce. I used so many of the amazing dApps on STEEM to help me achieve this as well…From blogging with @steempress to videos on @dtube and everything in between…I’m so thankful for the developers of all the dAapps that I’ve been using. You guys may not know it, but you are the reason so many of us fall in love with STEEM even more each and everyday.

But let’s get back to ‘attracting the whale upvotes…

Here’s a game plan that has served me well (and I Tweeted about it today…)


Not much of a revelation…And looking back at this Tweet, I wish Twitter would give me the option to edit it lol (You’d think after a decade of being online, they would have that feature….?)

Yes, I believe in personal branding. And sure I appreciate that people are attracted to a ‘professional look’…but the message I was trying to get across was this…

Show up. Everyday. And PRODUCE!

Because when you do that, you will attract THE RIGHT people!

Simple right?

You’d think this would be a no-brainer in any social media environment but here on STEEM, we are SO attached to the almighty upvote and the price of STEEM tokens. And I think that’s where we miss the boat…

When you show up every day and produce content (through new blog posts, vlogs or engagement) you are building a reputation of an action taker!

And that attracts EVERYONE (whales included)!

Does it guarantee the upvotes we are all looking for? Nah, not at all…But when you ‘get what STEEM is‘, you are more worried about building your reputation on this blockchain, rather than just an upvote or two.

Hey I’m not an idiot, if @thejohalfiles or @kpine decide to give me the big thumbs up, I’m all for it… 🙂

But it’s not my reason for being here. My vision has not changed…Way back on December 7th 2017, I joined STEEM because I thought it was the perfect marriage…Blockchain aligned with social media….I couldn’t DREAM of a better match…And almost a year later, it’s clearer to me now than ever before…

We are going to change the world!

So do the work now, and engage everydayUpvotes or not….You will be glad you did in the next few years….



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