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How Do You Eat An Elephant…..?

Unless you’ve been away for the past month….You are aware of the current state of the entire crypto currency market….

It’s been a sea of red for quite sometime and the massive sell off we were all warned about in early 2018 is in full swing.

Some of us are concerned. Many have sold their holdings. And they have decided crypto isn’t for them…

Others are holding on for dear life and praying for a rebound, because they have so much invested in these projects…

And for the rest, they are seeing this as a massive buying opportunity and taking advantage of the ‘Black Friday specials‘….

Here’s something that blows my mind…


I’m a big fan of Litecoin and it’s what I buy most of my STEEM with. So at current market prices…We can get over 87 STEEM for 1 LTC.

To put this into perspective on how far we’ve come….Litecoin is now trading at around $30 USD….


That’s insane!

I remember buying in when I joined STEEM (at close to all time highs too lol) around $6-7 per token…So you can see, how if we believe in STEEM, this is a HUGE buying opportunity.

Will it go lower?

Who knows, probably. But if you see the value of STEEM at $8 you HAVE to see it now at under 40 cents each…

Many have mentioned last week that there is a huge opportunity for a strong middle class to be built here. The dolphin level (5000 Steem Power) is within reach for everyone now. It might have been a pipe dream for us at 5 bucks per STEEM, but right now it’s a huge possibility for so many.

A strong middle class on STEEM means more delegation, more activity and more rewards being spread to more Steemians…

But the concern maybe…5000 Steem Power is still 57 Litecoins…Or almost $2300 USD. Pocket change for some of the crypto OG’s out there, but for the rest of us…It’s a sizeable chunk of change.

So let’s break it down and grow our account using some dollar cost averaging and buying bite sized chunks of STEEM.

As the popular question goes….

How do you eat an elephant? You eat it bite by bite…

You are EARNING Steem Power right now by creating on the platform. By engaging as well and commenting…Your account is growing…Slowly…But steadily!

And let’s say you have a few extra bucks…And want to take advantage of these deals that are out there…

That’s around $7.50 for 21 STEEM….Steal of a deal 😉

Hey, this isn’t financial advice because who knows where these markets go…But I for one, believe in STEEM.

I believe in the people here and the communities that are growing and THRIVING on this blockchain…

So anytime I can generate just ONE STEEM, I feel like that’s a win.

Bite by bite!

And this may be the bottom…Who knows…But I guarantee this, when STEEM is rising in price and crypto across the board is growing, we’ll be glad we started eating that elephant now!



One thought to “How Do You Eat An Elephant…..?”

  1. lol… excellent example of an eye-catching title on an email and/or blog… even if it is an OLD joke… I did feel the need to open and read, just to see how you attacked it… good job, Jon!!

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