How Do You Find A Customer For Life?

Filling funnels, back end or front end selling, email marketing, social media….All these techniques and buzz words in business are trying to do the same thing.

Transform a lead into a customer!

How can we take someone who knows nothing about what we offer or sell, and provide enough value to them that they see huge benefits to spending money with us.

This is the goal of every business and every marketer on the planet. This transformation from lead to customer sometimes forgets once crucial aspect in the equation…The actual person behind the ‘lead’!


This business, is a people business first and foremost. And sometimes we truly do not see the massive potential in building lifelong customers rather than just focusing on acquisition day in and day out.

Let’s look at an example of ‘Customer Jim‘. Jim finds our content through Twitter and subscribes to our list. He then starts poking around and sees some of the products and services we offer. He’s attracted to our products because he’s getting a ton of value from the blog posts and content we are providing…Jim then decides to secure a membership with Rocket Responder

We have turned Jim, from potential customer…Into a customer!

Jim is thrilled with Rocket Responder and decides this is the auto responder he’s going to use for the foreseeable future. Jim has now become a returning customer. Every month, because he’s getting loads of value from the service and our training / content…Jim is happy!

But keeping Jim happy isn’t a guarantee. It’s almost like a marriage. We don’t stop trying to ‘impress’ Jim after a few months of marriage. We still have to have date night (ie…Customer bonuses, great content, exciting promotions), we still need to present ourselves as a company of value for him. And when we do that…We transform Jim into a lifetime customer.

You cannot BEAT and buy that kind of customer loyalty. This takes effort, and a lot of ‘date nights’ but it’s worth it.

Heck, a $20 a month subscription over 5 years is $1200…Just that point alone, should make people think on how they can build LIFETIME customers instead of just drooling over ‘new acquisitions’…

Let’s start thinking on how we can impress the customers we have now, and turn them into lifetime ones. This is how we put ‘people’ first and stop looking at them like numbers without a name.

3 thoughts to “How Do You Find A Customer For Life?”

  1. I’m sure you came to realize how to turn a potential customer into a lifetime customer in time, going through a long trial and error process, which you still fine-tune. That’s what many people at the beginning of the road don’t understand. There’s no shortcut to success, because the foundation would be missing. No foundation = nothing to build on.

    I sort of digressed from the topic, sorry about that! The walk-through the entire process of turning a potential customer into a lifetime customer is a very good lesson anytime.

    1. Yeah that’s exactly it. We’re so engulfed in converting one person in the present…We never think of how important that one person can be in a year from now to our business.

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