How Even Small Amounts of Extra Income Every Month Can be Life Changing



No one has ever started a business on a Monday and on the following Friday had a fat bank account, fancy car or a big house. All of the people you see who have such things spent years sometimes even decades building up to that point of complete financial freedom.

Everyone wants to make their first million dollars but before we do realistic goals and expectations will help us get the ball rolling as well as build up our confidence.

I’m going to show you how small amounts of extra monthly income can make a difference in your life.

What you can do with an extra $100 a month


Sure, $100 is only $100. But never underestimate how far that money can go when you put it to good use.

Go to the movies

They say that experiences are a better use of money than things, so why not take your family out to a movie. Even a family of four can get into a movie for $100 and chances are you can afford some concessions as well, depending on where you live and how much movie theaters charge.

Eat out for dinner

Dining out can be a nice escape from your house into a fun environment. The best part is no cooking or cleaning! Depending on how many people you’re treating $100 could get you 2 times out a month.

Pay extra on your debt

This is my personal favorite because it’s exactly what I did when small amounts of money started to roll in for me. Putting any extra income you have to pay off your debts save you money in interest for the long haul. Nothing is more freeing to the mind than wiping out your debt. Paying off my debts before buying things has increased my happiness with life 100 fold.

What you can do with an extra $500 a month


This is where you’ll start to really feel all that hard work you’ve been putting into your business. Your confidence is now growing as well as your personal life. You can do things that you couldn’t afford to do before.


Think about this for a minute. Earning just $17 a day will give you the freedom to take not one but at least 2 “real” vacations a year. When my wife and I started our business all those years ago we never imagined we’d be taking multiple vacations a year.

Buy/Lease a vehicle

You read that right you can now finally get yourself a new vehicle paid for by your growing business. $500/m can land you quite the ride and cover the cost of keeping it fueled up.

Increase advertising

We all want to grow our businesses so we can make more money and have better opportunities. Imagine how you will expedite this process by dumping an extra $500/m into your advertising budget. The easiest way to increase your income is by increasing the amount of paying customers you have.

What you can do with an extra $1000 a month


An extra $1,000/month can be life-changing. It only takes $34 a day in extra income to enjoy some of the finer things in life.

Remodel your house

I’m currently doing this right now with $1000/m budget. My wife and I set aside projects we want to do in the coming year to make our house more enjoyable. We’ve recently remodeled my office (including all new furniture) as well as all new floors in my basement. Projects in 2016 include a new front porch and new central air. We just save up $1000/m until we have enough to start a new project. You’ll never have to borrow money again to replace that leaky roof or remodel that outdated bathroom.

Bucket list

Unlike my parents I’m not waiting until I’m retired to work on my bucket list. We should learn to enjoy things when we are young as well and an extra $1000/m can afford you to do just that. Over the last year I’ve crossed 2 things off my bucket list that I would have never been able to without that extra disposable income.

Big kid toys

Who wouldn’t love to have some big kid toys completely guilt free? With an extra $1000 in monthly income you afford some really cool toys. This is where your interests in life get the proper attention they deserve. Planes, boats, ATVs, jet skis, sport cars, the list can go one forever.


Those were just a few things I thought of, but what about you? Leave me a comment and let me know what you’d do with an extra $100, $500 or $1,000/month.

28 thoughts to “How Even Small Amounts of Extra Income Every Month Can be Life Changing”

  1. One of my favorite topics. While others talked about the road to riches, I have said for years and years that most folks are not here to become rich. Most are here to try and make that extra $200-$300 a month to make a small but important difference in their lives.

    I have also thought that the guy or gal who can figure out how to get thousands and thousands of folks that $200-$300 a month on a consistent basis will be the guy or gal who actually hits it big time. 🙂

    I believe Most folks can do the $200-$300 a month if they narrow their focus and concentrate on a few programs rather than the ‘shot gun’ approach of being scattered all over everything. The big questions folks have to ask themselves every day – “Is what I am doing getting me that money? – and – “Am I focused on the real goal?”

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Amen to that! It’s almost like…They get that extra 200 a month and it inspires them to go bigger….But that’s never their original goal. Great points Mr Tezak!

  2. Superb post, this should wake some people up, I like how this post is structured for good reading and understanding. Extra income even in little amounts soon add up. Quality of life is important and having some extra cash is essential as most people are stuck on the living wage. My income streams will allow me to travel more and upgrade my home too!

  3. Justins post and the podcast after are good lessons in what the little things are. Let me give you a live example. Few people know me outside of this community. I have a full time career in its sunset stages, nearly 25 years surviving and providing as a firefighter earning a 6 figure income working 72,96 or more hours a week—being away from home sucks, not sleeping sucks. I cant wait for retirement, but I will tell you it is a little scarey to move from unlimited income potential and unlimited activity to having a whole lot of free time. a little more than 2 years ago I started giving this a try, Im not looking back. This is what is going to provide my needed bolus to my retirement. I will retire comfortably financially but what I wont be comfortable with is sitting idle. Right now I am profiting 168.00 a month. Half goes back to the business, half goes in a vacation account. I have a budget from my other earning that I make sure I invest in my business. It is fun money earned from working overtime. I gamble with some of it, I buy advertising and upgrades with other parts of it. IT PAYS OFF. 168 in Profit after 2 year might not seem like a hill of beans or much success but shit I will take it and realize in 2 more years it will be compounded to maybe 500 a month. My wife is from Colombia, we are able to come here 3 times a year to visit the family, yes we bring money because it helps the family , we come here to help and work on the farm a little bit but we also get to enjoy ourselves. This is a good shot of what 168 a month helps with. and if nothing else you know a little more about me than you did yesterday

  4. I agree with your reasons for working online. I started working online a few years before I retired for just that very reason. Now that I am retired after 32 yrs of feeling tied down and slavish; I can relate to liking the extra income. I love having a little PayPal money to play with. Justin this was a great post. EVERY little bit ads up.

  5. Great question for me with a few extra dollars a month I would well first of all invest some of it back into my business whatever that happens to be. Right now I’m playing the role of the affiliate. Then hopefully that would turn into even more extra income every month and with that take my wife to dinner for our anniversary something we have not done in years. Take my wife and son to a ball game at Yankee Stadium. It would be my son’s first baseball game. If the extra income was a good amount go to Texas and watch the Cowboys live. Get my Mother the Kitchen that she has always wanted, Actually be able to get my wife something for her birthday and Christmas, We decided year ago when we both lost our jobs and our income was cut way down that we would not buy each other birthday or Christmas presents, That we would instead just get what we could for our son. And I would make sure I had a little something to give back to my favorite charities , Then who knows what else

    1. That’s the thing for me man…I want to make as much money as I can to able to get things for my family but also to be able to donate as much as I can to the charities I believe in!! My reason why 🙂

  6. A happy thought….and true.

    It doesn’t take much to make a difference…

    Thanks for a pleasant thought for the day Jon…

  7. I really like how you laid all this out as I do see so many want to make that big money and then how they forget that you have to learn to crawl before walking and walk before running. If people would just learn to start with the smaller amounts and repeat what they did to get that coming in – they would be surprised.

    One more thing to think about 100 a month is 1200 year, 500 a month is 6000 year and 1000 a month is 12,000 a year.

  8. All this boiled down to a few true and tried things, but so many don’t really believe in it or do it when it comes down to it.

    You must spend money, to make money. So many say it and spout it, few do it when it comes down to it.

    And you must do something everyday to help your biz grow. Big or small doesn’t matter, just know the more you do, the more it will grow.

    And it boils down to getting the domino effect going. Absolutely wonderful blog post.

  9. Enjoying the journey is really important! Regardless of the bigger goals someone has, if he or she is miserable because it takes too long to get there, that will affect people around and the business itself. When you enjoy small victories, people will notice, and that’s good for business too.

    I loved the examples in the blog post because they are real life rewards that we can enjoy while we grow, besides reinvesting in ourselves and our businesses.

    One thing I would add for the people that are at the first steps of their journeys is that you might fail some daily goals, like earning $3 a day or whatever your goal is. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have and pursue daily goals. But you might have a bad day, or even a bad month. You have a stronger chance to hit a monthly or yearly goal, IF YOU DON’T GIVE UP. And as you do that, bad days or months will be fewer and fewer, and reasons to celebrate and boost your confidence will become predominant.

    1. Amen to that man! Couldn’t agree with you more….The key is to be stubborn about success and show up every day even if you didn’t hit your goal the day before…

  10. This would have been a better post if there were some actionable steps for the reader to take at the end of the post. It felt so anti-climatic after committing the time to read it all.

    Just my $.02


  11. Hello,
    I have followed you Tim Tech awesome sauce leaders for some time now. Being the capricious soul I am, of course I have to test everything in my own way to see if it is true. LOL!
    And of course that circle always comes right back to Tim Tech! So today, I have actually done what Jon suggests in his Pizza Plan 2 and drawn out what it actually costs to have a basic CTP business with the tools included. It is as he said in the ebook, roughly $83. Thank you, I will take it!
    The hardest part for me is: “one thing leads to another” in this business. It is very hard to keep it simple. After 4 years I am still trying to stay the course with the Kore4 sites!

    Let’s see; if I move to SS, that leads to the sister site-TP. Correct?
    When I go to SXplosion, that leads to Bad Marketing and the other two sites. Correct?
    When I go to Legacy Hits, that leads to the CSN system. Correct?
    When I go to TERL, there is the daily double with SSL. Correct?
    Then, when I go to TH4U, this leads to GPS sites/and or…Free TE Credits Sites?
    Well, of course I am scatter-gunning it and all over the place and…???

    Not to complain-don’t get me wrong. I am only trying to see how the puzzle fits together and how can any human being possibly keep track of just this? Let alone all the other sites we surf for XP, Badges, Zubees, VTG or a host of other temptations along the way that somehow, but not clearly fit?

    This is how my mind set has been viewing this picture. PLEASE, if there is a better way, I need to know NOW!

    Thank you for letting me share.

    1. The Pizza Plan 2 is set up to be a guide only. A very simple straight forward guide. I think you are adding confusion where none exists.

      Just take the first step of that guide, and put it into action. Then follow the next.

      Sure there are tons of other systems, more exchanges, more programs to join…

      But keep it simple when you are starting out. There is no need to join everything under the sun and you must go at your own pace. The important thing is though, that you take action and start on lesson 1….And follow through…

  12. I think – generally speaking – if you only have $100 bucks, you have a cash inflow problem. The obvious solution to that specific problem is to increase your money knowledge – i.e., how to earn it, how to keep it, how to make it earn for you. That’s pretty much in line with the advice we often hear – An investment in knowledge is the best investment of all.

    Having said that, one of the best ways I feed my own hunger for more knowledge is a monthly subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited – unlimited reading for just $9.99 per month. You don’t even need a Kindle – you can use Kindle’s Cloud Reader app on any tablet, phone, laptop or desktop computer. I would use the other ninety bucks either to pay for the next ten successive months of Kindle Unlimited -OR- I’d use that ninety to purchase ebooks on Amazon either recommended or closely related to earning, saving, and leveraging money.

    With that, I leave you with this statistic I learned only recently – If you read just five reputable books on any topic you choose, you will have a clear expert advantage over at least 99% of the rest of humanity. If you’ve done that and have money left over, find five more books about your topic, or five books on a new topic and add another area of expertise to your CV. The more you read, the more you will know. The more you know the greater your ability to create or seize new opportunities to earn and succeed.

    1. Fantastic advice….Most adults might read one book a year…If that.

      Reading one book a month on your chosen field for a full year….Wow, that’s a huge advantage. You are becoming an ‘expert’

      But for me, it’s printed books 🙂 I’ve tried e-readers…I just can’t get into them lol

  13. I enjoyed listening to this, I would actually like to use some of what you said about making an extra $100 or $500 a month on my own blog with your permission. It sounds great. can’t wait to hear more

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