How To Install Exxp On Our WordPress Blogs

One of the biggest questions we have when we present our members to creating content on the blockchain is….

“What about my WordPress blog? How can I keep posting on that?”

And what’s amazing about posting your content on Hive is technically…You don’t need a change a thing!

Thanks to the brand new Exxp.io plug in you can keep posting on your self hosted WordPress blog and get that content up on Hive for all to see!

Which means of course, rewards and even more exposure for your content!

We thought it would be a great idea to create this short tutorial on how to get your content, posted on both your blog and the Hive blockchain by using this easy to install plugin called – Exxp!

What Is Exxp?

Formerly known as Steempress, this amazing plugin helps you kill two birds with one stone. Allowing you to continue to post content on your personal blog, while at the same time, allow it to be posted on the Hive blockchain!

On top of that, by using the tag feature, you can post to various tribes and communities as well.

Install The Plug In

If you are familiar with your Dashboard in WordPress, simply click on ‘Plugins‘ and then search for ‘EXXP’…

Once you find it, simply install it and active the Plugin…

Next, let’s click on ‘Settings‘ for the plug in…


Setting Up Exxp

Now that the plugin is installed, we need to set it up to connect to the Hive blockchain.

You will need your Hive username and your Private POSTING Key!


Note: If you registered via the Exxp.io website, you’ll need a code to insert in the form above…If you simply downloaded the plugin from your dashboard, you only need the username and posting key.

Now we’ll want to set up the plugin to tell it what tags we want to use and check out some extra features of the plugin…


The only thing I changed in here, and what you will have to every time you post is…The tags!

So you’ll notice I used ‘exxp, ctp, tutorial, hiveguide, training‘ for tags, but this is customizable to whatever tribe or topics you want to write about!

In some of the check boxes, I will choose ‘Use featured image’ so that my image appears on the top of my posts on hive. But again, all of these options are customizable to what you wish to have displayed when the post is brought over to the blockchain.

Create, Create, Create

And that’s it…

Once you start posting content on your WordPress blog, Exxp will bring it over to Hive automatically!

The only thing you need to do every time you post new content, is change the default tags if you want.

Other than that….You are good to go 🙂

How powerful is that?

Make sure to download your Exxp plugin for your self hosted WordPress blog today and get your content on the blockchain forever!


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