How To Lose A Business Or Community Overnight…

Story time with Jongo…

I have been building businesses online for 2 decades now online. And throughout those years, I’ve had plenty of wins and just as many losses.

One of those loses was as epic as they come…Imagine a million dollar business, almost evaporating overnight. And sure I would love to blame the world, point fingers at market situations and cry a river…

But in fact the biggest reason we destroyed our own business was simple.

We stopped communicating.

My business partners at that time, basically shut ourselves out from each other. While building the business and spending years working side by side, as soon as we faced some turbulent times, we just stopped talking…

To make matters worse, we stopped talking to customers as well…A community that we built and was thriving at one time, was ignored because we didn’t know what to do or say…So we shut out our most important assets…Our customers and community…

What a lesson!

I did my best to keep the lines of communication open, but without open communication from the top…It was a lost cause.

Why do I bring this up?

Has anyone been paying attention to what’s going on with Steem and Tron these days?

Hard to ignore right?

I can see the problem and it’s staring right in the front of us all…The lines of communication were NEVER opened. It was NEVER there to begin with between Steemit Inc and the Steem community, so why do we expect the Tron foundation to be any different?

And this isn’t an anti-Tron post because communication works like this….It’s both ways!

So we saw errors and lack of communication from both sides but ironically, it’s what can solve this mess as well.

Keep. Talking!

This goes for any business or community building project as well…The more open you are, the more transparent you are…The more trust you build!

As soon as you stop those lines of communication…You may as well write your death certificate in business!

So I implore not only the Steem community, keep talking!

Tron foundation…Keep talking!

And we can get these issues sorted out for good. Maybe it’s not that simple. Perhaps we’re way past the talking phase of this entire drama…

But I guarantee this…99.9% of the problems could have been erased before they ever began if we just…Talked!

My thoughts on a Saturday night….


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