How To Not Lose Your Mind In The Steem-Engine Economy

It’s an exciting time on the Steem blockchain!

Development is everywhere. Projects are being launched. Communities are being built…And some of the most intriguing potential is coming from the Steem-Engine platform…

Wow, what a few months it’s been!

Since Steem-Engine launched ScotBot, ScotTube and the vision of what SMT’s could become…The blockchain has been alive with the sweet sound of…Hope!

And while we’re seeing huge successes like PalNet, SteemLeo and SteemCoinPan…It can get a little confusing to the everyday user of Steem…That now sees dozens of new front end condensers to interact with each unique community AND the Steem blockchain.

Remember when it was simple…Steemit, Busy and Steempeak….

Now it seems like every day, we’re being introduced to a new community with it’s own token…

And that’s exactly what Steem and SMT’s were designed to become…

However, like I mentioned…It gets SUPER confusing to the new Steemian looking to keep up with all the development taking place.

Here’s my advice for jumping into all the different communities and potential ‘earning’ on each token…


If you spend any amount of time on Steem, you’ll see hashtags that are trying to cater to every single community out there…

For anyone that’s keeping score…That’s tagging the PalNet community. And we have the SteemCoinPan community. Let’s not forget the Sports Talk Social group…And finally, for good measure…Let’s knock it out of the park with the Steem Leo community.

So we’ve come to the point where Steemians feel the need to tag every community out there…

I get it, it’s exciting! These new tokens seem to pop up on Steem-Engine and almost immediately have value. However we are going to burn ourselves out trying to keep up with everything…Plus the fact that there are already accounts out there looking to control the abuse some people have been doing when it comes to these hashtags….

So again my advice…Is to focus!

Find a few communities that you believe in and see value, then start contributing to them. Join their Discords and get involved…Use the hashtags that you UNDERSTAND instead of just throwing tags out there for the sake of it.

For me, I try to stick to what I know and understand;

I see the big value in PalNet, this is the definition of community on Steem.

There is MASSIVE potential in Steem Leo and we are all ‘investors’ when it comes to Steem in my opinion.

And when it comes to Sports Talk Social…I have plenty of rants on @The-Sports-Nerd’s Sunday night talk show.

Other than that….I don’t understand SCT, so I don’t have any FOMO for not tagging it. ( Plus I think my Korean language skills are severely lacking…) I’m not yet addicted to Splinterlands, but that’s coming and I’m sure I will start using SPT in my tags when the time is right…

Because at the end of the day, I’m not trying to go over board. I’m focusing on what I KNOW…And that’s the critical part to this message.

You will get so much more when you FOCUS on a few communities and stop trying to be a jack of all trades. We’ve got PLENTY of time to learn each community…But for now, focus on a few…Don’t worry about tagging them all everyday.

I hope this helps…Because BOY OH BOY….We’re on the cusp of changing everything when it comes to the blockchain. It’s a very exciting time to be here 🙂


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