How To #ThriveOnHive & Win 100 HIVE Tokens

It’s time to have a little bit of fun 🙂

So we’ve seen plenty of awesome news when it comes to the launch of the HIVE blockchain! From being listed on some amazing exchanges to the back end development that’s taking place, we’re headed in the right direction…

Something that’s very important for me is to talk to the ‘everyday user’ when it comes to this blockchain. You see, part of the draw of our previous home was that people could actually use this stuff. Sure it had all the technical ability in the world and was fantastic to develop on…But what drew people to the previous chain was that…You could plug into a community and actually use this stuff.

The learning curve was steep at times, but a lot easier to tell someone….Here’s your account, go and meet some awesome people and use the applications!

I wrote about this 5-500-5000 formula back when I began my journey on the previous blockchain and it’s a path to success I think anyone can follow…

5 Engagements A Day

This seems so ‘simple’ but yet so few actually embrace it. Remember, plugging into a community isn’t just a one way street…You need to add value to others and that’s where the ‘5 A Day’ technique shines. When you are out there, upvoting others, responding to their comments, creating amazing discussions…You are in fact, creating HUGE value for this blockchain. So the start of this path to success is simple and straightforward – Get out there and engage and interact with 5 HIVE community members every single day!


When you engage and add value to other peoples journey, guess what you attract…More followers. And regardless of how much of a vanity metric this may seem to some, I believe having a healthy group of people that follow you in a win! The more followers you attract, the more people want to share and interact with your content here on HIVE. Remember, other blockchains have plenty of ‘bot’ activity, HIVE is real people and a real community. The more people that get to know, like and trust you…The more rewards you could potential get and value you will add to HIVE!

5000 HIVE Power

And here’s the big kahuna! On our last blockchain, this would mean you had reached ‘Dolphin status’. I’m not sure what we are calling these different levels here but it’s a fantastic milestone to shoot for. Write down a date you wish to accomplish it and work towards it! Again, I might be beating a dead horse here but the more people, know, like and trust you…The more rewards you may receive. When you hit a certain level of HIVE power, people will notice. And like attracts like, so they will wanna see what you are doing and follow your journey. Maybe not EVERY HIVE member will, but I know it peaks my interest when I see people crushing it on their journey on the blockchain!

You combine it all, and you have a steady and VERY attainable path to success here on HIVE.

Remember…Value first! When you add value to others here, you will benefit. So don’t start your HIVE journey asking yourself what can I get out of this…Ask yourself how can I add value to the blockchain so that we all get something out of this! We’re at the beginning of this amazing adventure together, and I think when we follow this path of 5-500-5000, we will ‘thrive on HIVE’ for years to come.

And here’s the challenge….

We’re going to do a little contest!

I’ll be giving away 100 HIVE to one lucky HIVE member that does the following:

1. Reblogs this post!

2. Adds a comment below with how they will ‘Thrive On Hive’ over the next few months!

Bonus points (but not required to enter): Adding the hashtag #ThriveOnHive in comments and social media is awesome and saves unicorns 🙂

This is just a fun little contest I thought of doing at 1:15am…I’ll pick a winner from the best comments and send them the HIVE at the end of the week (Friday)….

Let’s get the message out there…It’s time to #ThriveOnHive

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