How We Can Bring STEEM To The World Via Twitter!

Out of all of the centralized social media platforms that are out there, there is one that I will never leave…

I can honestly, do without Facebook.

I don’t show enough skin to care much about Instagram.

And SnapChat and Pinterest…I’ve never really messed with.

So it’s easy for me to adopt the awesome dApps here on the STEEM blockchain…

From gaming to blogging, photography to videos…We have an app for that 😉

But Twitter is another story…

I joined Twitter, literally on day one. In fact my join date is stated to be May 2008…A year or so after they launched so yup over a decade on the platform.

I’ve loved every minute of it and it’s the first social media site I understood from the get go. Heck, even STEEM had a month long learning curve for me to understand SOME of the inner workings here. But like I said…I ‘got‘ Twitter right away.

And if you are into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, you will know all about ‘Crypto twitter’.

It’s where fan boys go to shill their favorite coin or token. And where Bitcoin maximalists go to tell you how special they are and how dumb you are for using Altcoins. Wanna know about the latest ETF and SEC news concerning crypto? Check out Twitter. And if you want to see really awkward memes of Vitalik Buterin…Once again, Twitter is your place!

So when I see Twitter campaigns to attract attention to STEEM, I’m usually paying very close attention to them because I know how powerful ‘crypto Twitter’ can be…

STEEM leaders like @NathanMars and @StephenKendal should be highlighted for bringing massive awareness to STEEM using Twitter. These two are in front of the masses, every day, telling people that STEEM is where the world needs to be. And it’s working…

Campaign after campaign, we’re seeing Steemians come to Twitter and having their voices heard. We are sharing the blockchain in a big way and I’m so proud to be a part of this community.

Today I even got into the act 😉

This time last year when everything was ‘moonshotting’, I started to follow some of the YouTube crypto guys to stay in the loop of everything that’s going on in the crypto world…

One of those guys was Crypto Bobby…A dude from the New York area that has horrible taste in football teams (I’m a Bills fan and he loves the Jets…NFL fans understand)…But he was a guy who became a go to resource for newbies in the crypto space. I learned a lot watching him and have been following him on Twitter since…

Today he sent this Tweet out…


Which I promptly replied to with this 😉


We went back and forth for a bit and you can follow along by clicking his Tweet above…But yay for Steem!

I got one of the more well known ‘Crypto Twitter influencers’ to take a look at @Partiko and @SteemMonsters a little bit more…But it also showed me….We still have a LOT to do when it comes to the public perception of what the difference is between STEEM and Steemit Inc. Even experts in the field are still believe that Steemit Inc represents all of what’s going on here on Steem…

And Twitter will help change that!

So today I implore you….Follow guys like Nathan Mars and Stephen Kendall on Twitter and see how they are attracting the right kind of attention to our blockchain…And see how you can help bring awareness to Steem!

– Talk about the dApps!
– Actually USE the dApps and show real world use cases of them on Twitter!
– Show people how powerful and active the community is!
– Explain the difference between Steem the blockchain and Steemit Inc the app.
– Network with others in the crypto space and see what solutions Steem can offer them!

We have the most active applications on any blockchain and it’s time we brag a little about that!

Every Tweet helps and we will start becoming a much more visible and active community outside of our little circle of comfort…Because it’s time the world knows about the awesome things happening…Right here…Right now!


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