Huge Changes On STEEM, And I’m On Vacation…

Big changes are coming for STEEM….

Serves me right for coming to the west cost of Canada on this trip…

I was busy hiking though the woods and sea sides of Vancouver Island today when I decided to stop and check my Partiko app…With very limited internet connection, it took me a while to load any content I was trying to view…

But then I see updates from the Steemit Blog where it was announced that…HARD FORK 20 IS COMING!!!!

I had to do a double take because this has been the rumored hardfork that was going to make it much easier for Steem to grow! Less roadblocks for more people to join the blockchain…NO MORE WAITING A WEEK to get your account approved 😉

We’ve been waiting for this and I know I’m very excited to learn more about it and get ready for the Spetember 25th hardfork! Be sure to read the following updates that go over all the details of the big changes that are coming!

The official Steemit Blog announcement
Brandon Frye’s fantastic video about Hardfork 20
The Real Wolf’s SUPER easy to understand Hardfork 20 post

But that was just the beginning of the BIG news on the blockchain…

Next up, we saw some big announcements from @Heimindanger who is the creator of @dtube

He announced the launch of DTV which is the live streaming option from Dtube. I have not yet tried it out as I’ve been super busy while on the trip…But it’s a fascinating competitor to the uber-popular Dlive.

Will people make the move to DTV or stay producing content on Dlive?

I’ll be brutally honest, I’m VERY happy with @Dlive and while I’m not saying I’ll never use or try DTV…But Dlive is my live streaming choice on the blockchain.

Just like I use Dtube for the recorded video content I create…I like to keep Dlive for live streaming and Dtube for recorded videos…

Regardless, it’s cool to see the choices out there for everyone!

Heimindanger also announced the launch of Dtalk which is their private STEEM messaging system. And while this is not new to have a private messaging system, this one is ON the blockchain…

So cool!

And of course…I get ALL this news while on vacation and I haven’t been able to explore it all. I’m VERY excited to hear about all these changes and can’t wait to see what’s next on the plate for this amazing and LIFE changing blockchain 🙂



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