Hustle Beats Talent & Other Fun Quotes Online

We live in a world of inspirational quotes and memes!

I mean, just take one look online and you’ll see things like this…




Motivational right? Inspirational! It’ll give you goose bumps reading all these…

If only if it was that easy…Just think about success and you’ll become it. Dream a positive dream and watch your life turn around in an instant. I’m all for positive thinking but there has to be some action behind all these quotes and notes of encouragement.

Let’s focus on that first image above…It’s good one! I actually saw it today while scrolling on Facebook and it kinda resonated with me in a major way.

I’m not sure who came up with it, but it’s pretty powerful…”Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle!


That’s a buzz word these days. Everyone seems to be talking about how much they hustle and how much work they put into things. However if we are really true to ourselves, we could always do more.

I find it interesting that a ton of folks love sharing memes like that but rarely if ever follow it up with action.

We talk a great talk but rarely if ever walk the walk. Maybe that’s why so many give up and only a handful truly find ‘success’ in life?

My thinking is this….

It’s fine to toss memes and motivational quotes around. Heck, someone might get a kick int he butt from reading one that you share. However we need to actually follow this up with real world action. Imagine the kind of world you would create for yourself and your business if you ‘put in the work’ and hustled daily.

Consistency is the key and I have found out this truth in my years of being online…The more consistent you are, the better. That’s hustle. that’s real results.

And yeah, that’s real success!

16 thoughts to “Hustle Beats Talent & Other Fun Quotes Online”

  1. I see Talent didn’t Hustle to be the first to make a comment.

    Speaking of Meme’s, that seems to be the going trend.

    Those non sense Stickers and Badges are like Meme’s, except
    that don’t come with a information from the talent that provides them.

    (i.e. ) imagine if a badge of an Lunar Eclispe were part of the comical selection
    that provides no wisdom, were badges and stickers could actually provided
    informed knowledge where the general public would increase their IQ and
    even their talent.

    What good is a MEME badge without a credible message to boost wisdom.

    1. LOL Man, I appreciate your comments. I really do.

      But can you do me a favor. This isn’t a TE blog. In fact it has zero to do with TE’s and never will.

      Can you keep the comments relevant to the topics.

      Thanks Rod.

  2. Jon,

    I reread the original comment and I can’t find any where TE was mentioned.
    It’s OK Jon, it’s just your shadow, don’t let it spook you.

    1. I appreciate the comments and discussion, but don’t be daft. You know exactly what I’m referring to which has zero to do with this blog of my focus for it. Please contribute to the blog by staying on topic.

  3. Memes have their place. Unfortunately, for most of what you see on Facebook, that place is the ash bin!

    I see memes every day with some outlandish quote attributed to a relevant cultural persona (real or fictional) that either (a) makes no sense at all (b) is some contrived (read BS) message that fits an ‘agenda’ (c) haz 2 do wit catz.

    The ones that claim “This (meme, photo, video) went VIRAL with 1000 Likes” are the ones that I don’t understand. Over 1 BILLION people post on Facebook daily, and ‘1000 likes’ makes something viral? Seriously?

    Anyway, yes, we do need to see more hustle, in the context of action(s) taken, in many ways. Having a dream is great, but without taking action to make it happen, that’s all it will ever be. I know I need to do better with consistency and development if I want to move forward. The work never really stops, it just changes locations. 🙂

    1. Ahhhh yes, the ever popular ‘Share this with 100 people to have a chance to win a million bucks’…Me thinks people need a new definition sometimes of what ‘viral’ truly means lol

  4. Hey Jon… Great post as always and something I’m absolutely going to share with my folks… I couldn;t agree more that consistency is absolutely key… Something I need to work on myself for sure…

    But part of that from my personal perspective, goes back to people not necessarily willing to take ownership. By that, I mean I’m the only person who can recognize i’m NOT being consistent and then doing something about it. I need to own that part of my success (or lack thereof).

    Whether it be hustle or consitency or any other trait, in that end it’s always going to ome back to ownership for me… Great lost as always…

    1. Thanks for the comment man, much appreciated.

      Oh I hear ya. It’s a big wake up call when you look in the mirror and understand we are each responsible for our own business and decisions. It’s easy to blame the powers that be, the government etc for the drama in our own lives….but it’s the consistency that pays off.

      If we CHOOSE to act, every day and move forward…Big things always follow!

      1. Now Jon, you said it’s easy to blame the powers at be, the government
        for the drama in peoples lives.

        No, it’s easy to blame the people who don’t self educate, who doesn’t
        follow the politics to become an informed citizen to make the right

        Do you know the majority of people are clueless as to what Federal
        Reserve Notes are.

        Do you know that 7% of the population believes Chocolate Milk comes
        from black cows.

        Good luck finding the talent who can hustle or visa versa.

          1. Jon,

            Over the past couple of months I been doing an experiment
            with the cashiers, rather it’s convenience stores or fast foods.

            At the fast foods, I’ll place my order, the cashier gives me
            the total.

            I’ll reply with a puzzled look, Un Oh.. I forgot my plastic,

            Then I’ll ask, with a puzzled look, do you accept Federal
            Reserve Notes, that is all I have on me.

            The cashier then replies with a dumb founded expression
            with a slow reply, saying I don’t think so.

            I’ll reply, Man, I’m really hungry, could you please go ask
            your manage if you could make an exception this one
            time, I’m really starving.

            The cashier goes and gets the manager. The manager
            comes up, i’ll ask the same question again. I forgot
            my plastic and all I have are some Federal Reserve Notes,

            Can you except those for payment.

            Most managers are like the cashier and tells me know.

            Then I pull out the dollar bills or what ever the domination
            is and point out to the manager and cashier where it
            reads at the top: Federal Reserve Notes.

            Now at this time, they both feel like a inch tall, but I leave
            the laughing and say, now you can pull this on your friends.

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