If We Want More Adoption….Focus On This!

“Bitcoin is going to $10,000 and higher!”

You can hear the screams of hype and hoopla everywhere you turn right now online…

Yes, there is lots of positive news, signals and ‘experts’ saying that the bull run is coming…But I wanted to lower expectations a bit and remind everyone what is REALLY going to matter going forward.

No matter what the price of ANY crypto is…Without ease of use…It won’t matter!

We’re headed in the right direction though…And I’ll explain what I mean from something I ‘tried’ last night.

I had some extra BCH sitting in my wallet. I know, I know…Everyone has something to say about the BTC vs BCH drama. But last night I wanted to see how easy it would be for me to use this ‘loose change’, bring it over to Coinbase (on my phone) and then do whatever I wanted with it…

(Let’s be honest…I just wanted to trade it on @Blocktrades for more STEEM lol)

The process…Was straight forward. Easy to do. And executed within seconds.



No fuss.

And with Coinbase (if I was in America lol) I could have easily taken that crypto out, deposited as fiat in my bank if I wanted. But even the processes within the app itself, was easy to use and navigate.

(Come on Coinbase….We want STEEM!)

I can’t stress how important this is!

The general population….Is intrigued by crypto. They see the potential even if it’s confusing for them. They just don’t want to go back to school and get a computer science degree to use the stuff.

Apps like Coinbase and are examples (no matter how much you may hate their owners and business model) of how more adoption will become a reality.

Ease. Of. Use!

Steem is in a very unique position because…We have something very easy to use AND understand…

Your wallet = Your account username.

This is such a powerful tool and aspect of the blockchain that will help get more people USING Steem.

Apps on Steem like @Partiko will help this move forward as well. But I’m pleading with developers on Steem…Create stuff that everyday people understand.

The easier they can understand something, the more they will USE it. Share it. Talk about it. And more importantly, invest in it.

This is the gold standard for onboarding people into crypto…Make it easy for people to use. And they will use it!


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