If You Aren’t Paying Attention To Steem…Maybe It’s Time You Did!

I remember when I joined this blockchain back in December 2017. I did something that most people may not have…And that is actually read the white paper.

Shocking, I know…

I was diving back into crypto investing and the one take away from the ‘experts’ that stuck with me was…Do your due diligence. Actually KNOW what you are putting your money into….

The Steem White / Blue Papers captivated me….!

As much as I didn’t understand all the tech talk and math of the whole thing, I ‘understood‘ the potential of SMT’s, the community vision and of course the social media elements of this blockchain. Safe to say, I was hooked from day one.

I don’t want to go over what happened in 2018 because like @whatsup has stated this week…Old Steem is dead, long live #NewSteem

If you have been here for any amount of time, you know the history…

However, these past few weeks and months on Steem, have felt…Different.

When Steem-Engine launched, it started to drive dreams and big thougths into my head because this was…A fantastic option to SMT’s. Communities could be built, entire economies could be created…And then came @Palnet

We SAW first hand, the potential of Steem when you take a thriving community, and insert a token into it. To call Palnet a success would be an understatement and it all began with…Community!

You see, this is what makes Steem so much bigger and better than anything else out there. Sure you have ‘the XRP army’ and other fan bases for certain tokens and coins…But Steem is built for people, by people. And while SMT’s may be on the horizon, we can see what they represent with all the amazing communities that are popping up from the Steem-Engine and SCOT projects!

Launched just yesterday, @Steem.Leo looks to become the hub of activity when it comes to investing on Steem. What a welcomed project and community this will be…Because while not everyone has a background in trading and investing, there are TONS of people here on Steem that are curious about those topics. SteemLeo airdropped a bunch of tokens to PALcoin holders and the feedback has been HUGE since. This is a community I’m EXTREMELY interested in and have already staked some of the air drop I received from them 🙂

steem leo

Then you have projects like Sports Talk Social – Which could be one of the biggest potential gold mines Steem has yet to uncover. Sports related content that could attract some of the most passionate and dedicated content creators on earth…The sports fan! There are dozens of websites that cater to fan created content out there, if Sports Talk Social could tap into those markets, the results could be huge for Steem.

And oh yeah, let’s throw in Splintertalk, Steemcoinpan, WeedCash and…You know, the granddaddy of these new front end condensers….PalNet.

At first, it may seem like information overload….

Trust me, it took me a while to figure all this stuff out…But you see, this is what Steem was designed to do.

SMT’s were designed for any business, tribe, or community to basically jump into the blockchain world and have a token backing their projects. Tokenize the world is saying I believe 🙂

And we’re seeing this…Starting right now here on Steem.

If you haven’t been paying attention to everything that is going on…Now is the time to do so! Look, I’m not financical advisor and the most investing I’ve ever done comes in the form of dollar cost averaging my position on Steem….But imagine where this blockchain will be in the years ahead…

Imagine THRIVING and vibrant communities, building their brands, reputation and relationships…All backed by their own coin or token. This is the dawn of a brand new era and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to dive into this vision of #NewSteem and introduce the world to what we have to offer.


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