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I’m Going To Test Something…And Become A Guinea Pig [VIDEO]

I’m going to be a guinea pig! Over the next few weeks I’m going to be putting myself ‘out there’…I have a theory, and the only way to test that theory is to roll up my sleeves, get motivated, and try something I’ve been talking about for years.

First, a little history….

I’ve been involved with one of the most misunderstood online advertising industries since it’s inception around 1998. Traffic exchanges have been thrown under the bus, called a scam, given a black eye and basically are the ugly duckling of internet marketing.

Some of the criticism is deserved but most of it isn’t. Mainly because of the ignorance people have about what is and what is not a LEGIT traffic exchange.

Rule number one, a traffic exchange is not money making opportunity. That is simply not what these programs are. They are advertising tools, pure and simple. I look at your website, you look at mine. Easy.

But because of all the bad reputations these programs have gotten, people have always questioned how effective they are.

So I’m being a guinea pig!

To either:

Prove how effective they truly can be to build your list and personal brand….Or to start investing in some Facebook ads in 2 weeks lol

I decided to show folks, over a 2 week time span, how I plan on building my mailing list using only free traffic exchanges.

I’ll have some basic tools to help me along the way of course, like an autoresponder and squeeze page creation tool, but I’m not spending a single dime on advertising.

This is the game plan;

guinea pig list building experiment

The first week, I’ll be using this page to get people to know , like and trust me…

And then after the second week, I’ll switch the page and develop something that looks more like this

My theory is…After one week of building my name and personal brand, I can then switch what I promote, and start building my list more effectively using a lead capture / squeeze page.

Will it work?

Are traffic exchanges still effective?

There is no better way to find out….It’s time to become, the guinea pig!!!

4 thoughts to “I’m Going To Test Something…And Become A Guinea Pig [VIDEO]”

  1. Hi Jon great post. I shared! This is great. You need to prove that TE’s work, because they do. I has gotten so much better with the TE chats on the side. Let us know how the facebook ad works, too. I think it takes longer than 2 weeks, but I am sure you can prove me wrong. I like the page with your video in the file folder. It stands out very well.

  2. I think a blind test would be better. Let’s face it you are well known on line and as soon as someone sees your face and that you are promoting something, they are going to join. I don’t disagree with what you say, but I think the test would be better using some unknown as the guinea pig. Just my opinion.

    1. That’s a fair point, and hopefully I inspire others to do exactly what I’m outlining and tweaking it to see if they get results.

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