I’m Thankful For…Dtube, Partiko, SteemPress & All The Projects On STEEM

If you read the ‘FUD” news in crypto, you would think there was nothing but hot air when it came to dApp development in the crypto space.

A few weeks ago, STEEM was added to StateOfTheDapps.com and a few mainstays have been appearing on the top of the charts every day…Steemit, Steem Monsters and SteemHunt are regular Top 10 showings. But alas….STEEM based dApps always fly under the radar.

It’s almost like, we as the STEEM community have the best kept secret in crypto! We have actual users lol

Community is king and it shows by taking a quick look at the State Of The Dapps website rankings.

So yeah, 2018 was supposed to be the year of the dApps…And Ethereum was supposed to lead the way….But that kinda backfired simply because they didn’t have the community backing the individual apps…But here’s STEEM, not even in the top 20 of all crypto currencies in market value…Trucking along, creating amazing applications that people ACTUALLY USE!



The two things you need when it comes to any kind of application….

I thought I’d go over a few of my favorite apps and how I fell in love with using them every day in 2018…I’m a raving fan of each of these, and again, what’s awesome is that we have the USERS and community to back an app up!

@Dtube – I had a HUGE year on this application. And thanks to the awesome community there (What’s up @ddaily) I discovered a new passion in video creation! I can’t wait to see what they have planned for 2019…

@Partiko – This app changed..Everything…For me on STEEM! I could use the blockchain as easily as I could use…Facebook. And that made a huge difference in my experience here. What an absolute blessing to have on STEEM!

@Steempress – I was really worried my off-chain blog would suffer because I would be focusing so much on STEEM…Enter Steempress! And it’s been a life saver for me this year.

There’s so many more amazing projects here…From @Appics to @SteemMonsters and everything in between…

Hey I know things aren’t perfect right now in crypto….

We’re still trying to find our way. And we’ve seen the promises of all time highs go along with the agony of the current lows…But I do believe the applications will still lead the way. We’ve just discovered that we can’t rely on the price of STEEM to attract the users….Heck there are millions of people that use Facebook everyday, and they don’t make a penny ‘using it’…So what’s the hook for STEEM based apps?’

How do we build a better mouse trap?

As we go forward I hope that we continue to support the teams behind these amazing dapps we have on STEEM. They are staying the course even at 25 cents per STEEM….So if you believe in STEEM, make sure you thank your favorite developer today 🙂


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