Evergreen Products & Why They Are Important [VIDEO]

Another great talk today, and while our series from the previous few days have focused on building a business of value, we switched it up today to talk about evergreen products.

They are often misunderstood, but I truly believe, when you focus on them…Great things start to happen for your online business! Click ‘Read More’ to watch today’s live show…

6 thoughts to “Evergreen Products & Why They Are Important [VIDEO]”

  1. This was very good.. I know it’s been discussed before, but being an affiliate it’s easy to get side tracked and lose focus on the “turtle method” and stay on track. Thanks again got keeping us on track

  2. Great stuff Jon! I have been away from TimTech for a little while, but this cool newsletter brought back my attention. I’ve heard about evergreen products in the past but never really gave it much thought… despite all the logical sense it made.

    You really brought it home with this one though and you’ve peaked my interest with the products you mentioned (nice plug). Definitely seems worth checking out. Keep rockin!

  3. Hi Jon great post and video! Evergreen products are real important and the backbone of other Traffic Exchange/ Internet Marketing products. They are always here and support all the other internet marketing products. Adkreator is an evergreen product as well. I am happy to be owner of it and so glad I purchased it in 2012.

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