The Most Important List You Will Ever Build [VIDEO]

We talk a lot about ‘the list’ on this blog. And while it’s usually to do with your mailing list and email marketing, today’s topic is a little different.

A little background on why I thought this topic was important and I owe it all to Jenn Nieto. Last night at an online seminar her and I got to talking privately about our reasons ‘why’. She, like many others, was struggling to find their passion and niche. I completely understood where she was coming from. We’re all told that we need to ‘be great at one thing‘, be passionate about our business, develop ourselves into leaders…But exactly WHAT should we focus on and WHY does that one thing matter so much to us.

Yes, our individual reasons WHY are so important yet so many of us struggle with finding that one thing. I heard about this strategy recently and shared it with Jenn, and I even tried it myself and let me simply say…It works like magic!

First, take a blank sheet of paper, or wipe your white board clean.

Then, without thinking too hard, start writing down things you like, love and enjoy either talking about or doing.

Here’s my example of what I came up with….

I didn’t spend more than a minute on this and let my pen and heart do the talking. I didn’t say to myself…Well I enjoy watching Seinfeld on Tuesday only, so do I ‘like’ that? Nope, I didn’t overthink it…I just wrote everything I enjoyed either talking about, or taking part in.

Next, certain things start popping out to you.

What’s interesting is that if you look at how I ‘make my living’, most of it is found on that list. I love blogging. I love online business. I love books….Crazy huh, that starts to fall in line with my 3 vital functions for my company.

This exercise is part self-discovery and part personal growth. If you are being honest with yourself, you will start to see things that make sense to you and that you KNOW you can do incredible things with.

Maybe it’s starting a book club…Or it could be an online blog for foodies…Maybe you love to watch and take part in local sporting events (you can write about that you know…)

The possibilities are endless.

Let;’s see what you can come up with!

5 thoughts to “The Most Important List You Will Ever Build [VIDEO]”

  1. Why does nobody comment here? crazy! I guess breaking out isn’t as easy as we’d like to think. Who knows!

    That is superb Jon, really good advice. Doing it myself and I wouldn’t be surprised if this post gets a mention on my blog after the hubbub has died down on our big changes.

    1. A big problem in our industry man, people dont understand the power of blogging and commenting. I’ve been preaching it for years, but still falls on a lot of deaf ears. But I’m not writing these for comments as much as for content….The more of this I do, the more people it will reach 🙂

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