How Important Are Your Visuals? [VIDEO]

Your visuals! Your brand! The image that represents your company and your name in business is so important for your marketing. Before a sale is made, a relationship is built or a lead is generated an impression is made.

And how you leave a lasting impression for your potential customers and clients all comes down to how you are visually represented online.

Here’s the hard truth about this…Most people HATE spending money on their web design. The usually get their cousin Ed to design their site or use ‘Paint Shop Pro’ to design their logo.

Don’t be like most people!

Hire a professional. And while a lot of folks may shrug this off because they think the costs are enormous, in 2016 it’s actually more affordable than you think.

I remember when I first got started online I decided from day one, I was never going to be a Picasso when it came to web design. Your pride tells you otherwise and you try to do it all. You buy ‘graphic design tools’ that promise that you can create epic images and designs but it comes out looking like a pint by numbers piece.

Trust me….It was tough to tell yourself, you are NOT good at this design stuff. So I dug into my wallet and went to a company called Got Logos and spent the money to first get a great logo (many of which I use to this day) and then hired one of the best designers I could find in my industry to create my websites.

Best. Decisions. Ever!

Resources like Fiverr can literally get you a professional designer for pennies on the dollar. And there is really no excuse to not have your website look like a million bucks. Remember, before ANY lead is generated. Any relationship is made. Or any sale is completed…An impression is made. Focus on your visuals and start seeing a huge increase in your business!

4 thoughts to “How Important Are Your Visuals? [VIDEO]”

  1. Next time you do a video on this also ask them to also take the professionals advise. I have designed and built many websites and so many people don’t take your advise and ask for crazy colors or strange UI.


    1. Oh I agree…Reminds me of that Oatmeal comic from a few years ago….What it’s like to be hired as a graphic designer.

  2. Great Point on Visuals on Instagram, I see a lot of people focusing on branding with great visuals over there. I love doing my own graphics and admit that I’m not a professional but with the right tools, patience, trial and error you can do your own designs and get them just exactly the way you want them. However with that said I have also learned that it is better to free your time up by outsourcing, I remember buying a site and needed the design to be changed ASAP as it was embarrassing and within a couple of days I had a brand new professional looking design that I could have never done on my own and it cost me less than $50. When your business is producing enough cash flow I believe that finding a good designer is important and to set some of that cash flow aside for marketing and branding and yes I totally agree, use professionals. 🙂

    1. Exactly it….50 bucks.

      That’s not tens of thousands that people think it would cost to hire a professional. Graphic designers are out there, you just need to search.

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