Independence – What Does It Take?

Independence.  Why do we want it?

Yesterday, July 4th, people across the United States celebrated The Declaration of Independence (which was signed on July 2, 1776 more info) with fireworks and burnt offerings on the grill.  Reading the volumes of information about the thoughts of the Founders, and the people of that time, we can begin to understand why a separation from England was desired, and the process they took to achieve it.

What about us?  Why do we take on the hardships of following a different path to achieve economic independence?

Today, the majority of people simply want to put in their time working for someone else.  Why, then, does a small group (about 16% per U.S. Census Bureau Survey) go down the path of owning their own business?

Reasons, excuses – everyone has them.

What drives people to begin the process of independence is as wide and varied as the people themselves.

If you asked my wife, she would place me into the insanity group!  Even though she has experienced the benefits of my endeavors over the past 25+ years, there is still that deep perception that I should be willing to abandon my pursuits, and take solace in the security of the workforce.  And at one point in my life, I did!

I had worked my way up the Corporate ladder to a position that offered a very nice lifestyle in the upper-middle-class demographic of the 1980’s.  Life was good right up until ‘Corporate Downsizing’ became a -thing- to be reckoned with.  I was RiF’d (Economic Reduction in Force) in February of 1990.

Gone, for me, was that security my wife covets.  I realized that the ONLY way to ensure my future was to take control of it.  I used the job loss as the excuse to do something different – to take action.  My reason for assuming the risks?  I felt that I was damn good at what I did!  I sold that business in 1999 to one of those ‘big Corporations’ that set me free to become more than what I once was.  I had begun to establish my own independence in the business world, and NEVER looked back!

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Let’s do this!

Heck yes!  Are YOU ready to take action and achieve your goals TODAY?  Declare your independence from the workforce?  Well then .  .  .

Perhaps, maybe, I should -mention- that to do what I had attempted required several years of study, almost 10 years in the Corporate world, and one FAILED prior business venture early in life to build the soil (the foundation) from which the seed of opportunity could be planted, cultivated and harvested.

Just as when I was a child, and I would sit on a horse in the snow overlooking the fields/pastures planning for the next years crops and livestock with my father – so, too, did this take time, effort and planning.  I froze my tookus off (no heater on a horse!) to begin to understand that things rarely happen by accident.

You must first select the farm (the venue/market segment), prepare the ground  (build a solid foundation), then plant the seed (start development).  You must have what that seed needs to prosper in place, ready to supply the process of growth.

Life on The Farm – what is it?

Literally, it is about that independence that I mentioned.  How you prepare for what lies ahead, accept the challenges, and move forward on this path along the journey of life.

Yes, I will relate experiences from my past that have a direct bearing on how I have traveled down the various paths encountered over the years.  The underlying aspect though is that we all learn FROM our experiences, and those of others, to determine the success (or failure) of what we attempt.

Remember that statistic of 16% of the population owns/operates a small business?  What that doesn’t say is how many people tried, but never quite made it happen.  Which, by the very nature of business itself, is a considerable amount.

Which -side- of those statistics do YOU want to be on?

Here again, just as it took a ‘team’ effort to make the farm/ranch I grew up on a success, so does building a business.  Let’s discuss how we first determined that putting ourselves -out there- to rely on on our innate, and learned, abilities to do more than we have before, came to be.  What steps we took, how we evaluated our strengths/weakness and overcame challenges.

I want to learn from you, just as I did from others throughout my life.  Shared experiences, both the good AND bad, are those we can all grow from.

Just as those that began the process to build a Nation did over 240 years ago to establish their independence, we can today.  Make this a -cause for celebration- in your own journey.


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Richard Taylor

“The only limits we have are those you impose upon yourself. Remove the limits!”

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2 thoughts to “Independence – What Does It Take?”

  1. Nice article!

    The experience gained from every failure / ventures in life are the most valuable assets that one could have. The lessons learnt from these are what shapes the success in the future!

    At the end of the day, it depends on how an individual reacts to failures. Some view it as they themselves has failed everyone and puts them off in pursuing their dream or goals. However, some never view it as a failure, but view it as just something which is not done the right way and they will look for the right ways to get nearer to their goals.

    1. Hello TAN JK,

      Every experience in life can be one to learn from. Sometimes we just have to look harder to see the lesson to be learned! From all our experiences of the past, the future is shaped.

      If I quit every time something could be perceived as a -failure- in life, I would live under a rock somewhere by now! Just correct the problem, and continue forward. It’s all we can do in life if we really want to live it.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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