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Internet Marketing ‘Gurus’ Make Me Sick…

Internet marketing is filled with fantastic opportunities. The internet in general has revolutionized the way many of us make a living and feed our families. So I get it, I know how excited some newer marketers are when they jump online and hear things like this…

“Drop out of college and build your internet empire!”

“You can do it, just keep on thinking happy thoughts!”

“Success is just around the corner, if you believe in yourself!”

Take your pick and mot social media and internet marketing gurus will have funny little YouTube videos stating a claim like those or something similar.

And again, I get it! No one is going to be too happy and ready to pull out their credit card if they hear things like…

“You will lose money, maybe alienate your family and be broke for a few years!”

However for the majority of us, this is what it takes to find success. Not everyone obviously, but unless you get really lucky or have Mommy and Daddy bank rolling your endeavors, you are going to actually have to put in the work!

Scary right?

Internet marketing is supposed to be as easy as 1, 2 , 3. Pay someone some money, and presto you are a success. The issue I have with these fantasies is that most never talk about what you actually have to do and sacrifice to build an online business. Here are 3 strategies that I used when I got started online, that a lot of us forget to mention when we are giving our customers and readers advice;

1. You Must Have A Deep Passion & Love For What You Sell – The truth is, you will more than likely lose money when you are starting out. You will get people telling you how unsuccessful you are. Heck, that even might come from your own family (I know because it happened to me!) So if you don’t love what you do, you will give up! When I got started, I was infatuated with online business. From list building to traffic generation, I was hooked and never once thought…Hey I might get rich from this! All I wanted to do was to learn more, try new strategies and grow as a business person. My passion, fuelled me!

2. Talk To People Every Single Day – It doesn’t matter if it’s someone you just met or a customer you’ve had for years…talk to people, daily! Your growth is 100% determined by not only what you learn but who you know. The network is your golden nugget! Your asset. Your…Well, it’s your everything! When I got started online before the days of social media we had online forums. Every single day you would find me talking to people, debating issues, sharing stories and being an active part of the community. In 2017 you can do this will ease thanks to social media. So use it 🙂

3. Persist & Persist
– Urgggh this piece of advice drives me nuts when people say it! It’s so easy for some successful guru to tell you this when they have 6 figures in their bank account…However, it’s the truth! Here’s the trick though, you have to have a solid foundation of the first two pieces of advice above if the ‘persisting’ speech is ever going to make sense. Here’s the facts, 99% of the people that might read this blog post will give up in a year from now. Don’t be one of them! You have to ’embrace the suck’ because it’s going to suck. Things will be hard. Not everyone is going to buy your stuff! That’s o.k…Persist. Meet and talk to new people every day. And love what you do with all your heart…

That’s a success formula I think everyone can get behind!

16 thoughts to “Internet Marketing ‘Gurus’ Make Me Sick…”

  1. Great Post Jon, persistence is the Key to success. Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

  2. First off guru’s give me that sick feeling as well. Be it marketing guru’s and more in my ballpark Social Media guru’s/experts. It is and has been my pin over in tweeter land quite for some time.

    So bravo on that.

    Additionally couldn’t of said it better on steps 1,2, and 3.

    Will be a pleasure to share this.

    Thanks again for the quality content.

  3. I know what you mean Jon.

    Every time I come across one of them Internet marketing ‘gurus’
    they’re always trying to get me to enroll to one of them ‘Pizza Houses’
    where they have workers on the assembly production line tossing pizza.

    I think the hook on the billboard that lures people in to those pizza
    houses is where it reads ” Roll Your Own Dough ” sign up here.


      1. Jon,

        My art of wisdom and your talent would make the ~ Art of the Deal

        Quoting Warren Buffett, if one doesn’t know about a business, you partner
        with those that knows the business. With that said, you know how to set
        up a pizza house, I know the fixing’s for the Ultimate Pizza Supreme.

        Information communication went from telegraph to rotary dial to wireless
        cell phones.

        Yesterday’s pizza houses are still on rotatory dial pizza and doing the
        dosey doe pizza dance

        Have a site that would be ” All You can Eat Ultimate Pizza Supreme Buffet ”

        or have three ( 3 ) sites that work in phases.

        1st. Lead site called: ” You Should Be Here ”

        2nd site called: ” Roll Your Own Dough ”

        3rd site called: ” Pizza House Galleria ”

        The final phase, each member would own a ” Pizza Brandchise ”

        Each site above has an objective, that leads the end user
        to a living wage income in the 21st Century.

        Jon, work with me on pizza plan 3, you could kick it off
        and even call it your own idea 🙂

        If not, that’s Ok, it will be fun for the Pizza Buzz

          1. Jon,

            Back in the day, people had the illusion that Albert Einstein could very well be senile. In fact Einstein is considered the epitome of genius.

            The famous Physicist Machio Kaku. co-founder of String Field Theory, Dr. Kaku carries on Einstein’s quest to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into a single grand unified theory.

            Jon, what’s scary of applying Einsteins theory of relativity and Dr. Kaku string field theory in order to achieve the grand pizza single unified theory of everything.

            NFO-Wisdom Big Bang Pizza String Theory.

  4. I have to agree about the marketing gurus.. so many people including myself have been drawn into their tales of success at one time or another. unfortunately they always seem to leave something important out of the procedure to follow. It takes a lot of persistance and dedication and hard work to make it.

    1. Yup exactly. So easy to say ‘Here’s how to make millions’ when you are making millions….What they exclude seems to be the ‘real deal’ stuff LOL

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