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The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom [VIDEO]

The internet marketing vortex of doom is something we have all witnessed! We’ve possibly even all gone through the storm itself. It plagues the entire industry and for the select few that do break from it’s wrath, the rewards are endless.

Meet Chris. He’s a new internet marketer. Chris is pumped up about the possibly of making a serious income from the comfort of his home and has heard the stories of millionaires being made each and every day.

Chris finds Opportunity X and decides he’s going all in. He buys the top level membership. Attends the offline seminars. Purchases thousands of dollars of training and consulting. He’s dedicated because he knowsSuccess is right around the corner.

Time goes by…Chris makes a few bucks here and there but his return on investment isn’t what he had hoped for.

He decides to cancel a few upgrades and training packages, takes a few steps back because he doesn’t see the return but he tells everyone; “I’m just taking some time to look at my options and re-evaluate my future.”

Oh but Chris starts to get fed up. He continues to hear the stories of everyone ELSE making money, so he quits. And starts blaming everyone and their mother as to why he didn’t succeed.

He blames the gurus.

He blames the economy.

He blames the politicians.

He even ends up blaming his pet parrot.

Oooooh but Chris then discovers Opportunity Y…..Because Opportunity X was such a ‘scam’ this new business promises to be legit so Chris goes head first and dives back into….The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom!

Do you see how we become our own worst enemy?

Sure this is a fable about ‘Chris‘ but I’ll tell you something…I was once a Chris as I’m sure many of you reading this were at one point.

What changed for me, and what changed for so many other successful marketers was the entire mindset and attitude change for something like Plus 1.

Instead of waiting to become a millionaire in a week or less, we focuses on daily improvement.

Instead of striking it rich in 30 days, we focused on our daily goals.

Growth and progress became our journey an because of that…Success was literally guaranteed!

You see…The key to all this making money online stuff is to…Take your time and grow each day. Don’t give up when things get rough, because guess what…It always gets rough!

That’s how you break out of the vortex of doom for good, and discover the truly endless possibilities of internet marketing and the freedom of working from home.

8 thoughts to “The Internet Marketing Vortex of Doom [VIDEO]”

  1. “He even ends up blaming his pet parrot; you see how we become our own worst enemy?”; well-written, Jon. And yes, in your words, “Take your time and grow each day.”

    Baby-steps! 🙂

  2. I will have to watch this multiple times to finally breakout, in your words… The Vortex of Doom! This was an important topic and sadly happens to everyone sooner or later when we are NOT careful. Thanks for revealing the truth.

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