Invisible Influence by Jonah Berger [Book Review]

Invisible Influence is Jonah Berger’s latest book and one of the most frustrating reads I’ve had in a long time.

This thing starts off with a bang. I was taking notes and having ‘ah ha moments‘ through the first 2 chapters and I was ready to claim this as being the perfect follow up to ‘Contagious‘, Jonah’s first book.

Invisible Influence had case study after case study about how certain situations and groups of people influence the decisions of others. In the beginning of the book, we saw examples of how people that take action first end up being the focus of discussions. We understood how human beings wanted to be unique, but not ‘too unique’ where they stuck out too much. These studies really got me thinking on how I could use influence much more in my businesses….

But then, the book took a turn.

The examples and case studies where still there, but something was missing. In the first few chapters the examples made complete sense on how we could use influence to grow our businesses. However in the later chapters the case studies just stated a fact and really didn’t get into practical uses of influence.

Now this isn’t saying that Invisible Influence isn’t a good book, it is. In fact it was quite enjoyable and I learned quite a bit. And I was a huge fan of Contagious, Jonah’s previous writing.

However it stopped being a business book half way through and started to become a university course. Which is fine for some people, but for guys like me…I enjoy reading a book and taking notes because of the ideas I am getting. When authors start making me think on how I can use their advice and opinions to make my business better, that’s the gold! And that’s what I found in the first few chapters of this book, and not so much in the later parts of it.

Still, it can’t be denied. Invisible Influence had some amazing moments. Great examples of how we can lead and grow our businesses through ethical influence for years to come.

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  1. Hi Jon sorry this is late. I’ve been looking for work online and had the server move. What Liquid Webs said would a smooth move got really bumpy. Great review on “Invisible Influence!” I went to Amazon to read the description and it sounds awesome! This book definitely sounds like a good one to have in your library.

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