It Is Time To Take Control Part One

take control

There is so much in life that we cannot control and yet these are the things that a lot of us spent far too much time worrying over.

It is pointless getting overly worked up about those big issues in life that you cannot control.

If you hate the way the country is being run then spending hours telling people how you would do things differently ‘if you were in charge’ is hardly going to make a difference.

Maybe you could run for office and get elected if you want to make a difference in the political arena.

Similarly there is no point in getting upset at those around you who have had a better start in life, or who have more money, are better looking or have more friends and better holidays.

If these things were simply pointless then that would be bad in itself. Filling your life with pointless trivialities is the very opposite to the Plus 1 model of success.

The real problem is these things are so much worse than merely being pointless because they are killers of success, ambition, drive and a desire to fulfill your true potential.

Why? Well the more time you spend on considering the things you cannot control then the less time you actually have for considering those things which you can control.

So it is time to let go of all those things that you cannot control. Maybe not all at once. Let them go one by one, gradually over time. That right there is a big Plus 1 each time you achieve this.

The next Plus 1 is filling this time by working on things you can control, those areas of your life which are not ideal but which you can spend time and energy in making them better.

By changing the way you think about life and by changing the focus of your thoughts then you can begin to take the actions you need to take to finally fulfill your dreams.

Next time we will take this one step further to give you solid pointers into those areas of your life where you should be taking action right now.

2 thoughts to “It Is Time To Take Control Part One”

  1. Hi Patrick very good point. It is a real waste of energy to dwell on something you cannot control that is negative. Save your energy for doing things you can control in a positive direction. I suggest not to watch the news. You can get news updates online, but don’t dwell on them too long or you will be drawn into the negative downfall the news seems to always report. Focus on yourself and positive things you can do for yourself and others. 🙂

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