It Is Time To Take Control Part Two

taking control

Last time we discussed the importance on placing our focus on those things we can control rather than worrying about those things we have no influence over.

Things which we cannot control may include the weather, other people’s thoughts, other people’s actions, government policy, the economy, your height, taxes, wars and natural disasters.

So far so good but this concept is not really as helpful as it could be. For example, when we look at this in depth we may be surprised to discover that there are a surprisingly large number of things that we can control.

Some of the things we can control may include how much you earn, how much you spend, how often you exercise, how you treat others, your thoughts, your actions, where you work, where you life, what you eat, your ideas, your efforts, your failures and your mistakes.

Ok so now we are getting somewhere but as there are so many things we can potentially control we need to make things a little easier.

To really home in on those areas of your life where you should be focusing your attention then make lists of two things:

  1. those things that matter to you
  2. those things you can control

If something matters to you and you have the ability to control this aspect of your life then this is where your focus should lie.

Say for example that you are extremely troubled by natural disasters such as earthquakes and landslides such that you are filled with dread and worry each time you hear of such a thing on the news.

It might be that there is absolutely nothing you can do about this and no matter how much you might worry or fret about it, you won’t make a difference.

But that may not be the case. Maybe you could dedicate your life to learning about earthquakes, studying them and doing the high level University research that can help us better understand the mechanics of how they operate so that we can plan better for their effects.

Only you know what matters most to you and of those things, which you can control.

One thought to “It Is Time To Take Control Part Two”

  1. Hi Patrick very good points made in your blog post. When things that are negative bother me, I always try to think of a way to make things better. If something is negative in my life I try to think of positive scenario and work on a positive outcome for the situation. And I do this when thinking of other people. I think of a positive scenario about their situation, but not to the point of being unrealistic of course. I wouldn’t believe someone is good when they are really bad. But I think this way in general before making a judgement on someone or the truth is discovered.

    My father was a very negative person and so was the rest of my family and they still tend to be that way. I also went to psycho therapy for many years and they always had me talk about the past which was negative. I got really fed up with that back in the early 90’s because it wasn’t working. I quit going and decided the best way to live was with having a positive attitude. This is not easy to do, but when life is too, heartbreaking and gets really unbearable we need to make a change for the better.

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