It’s Back! The Most Difficult Contest To Win On STEEM!

It’s contest time once again 🙂

We’re back for a brand new STEEM Power giveaway contest! And I know, it’s not the first of the month, but I was on the road most of August as well as taking part in the STEEM Creators Conference last week. So I missed the opportunity to start the contest up on time…But hey, the middle of the month is just as good and whoever wins will still get a full month of delegation!

If you are new to this contest, here are the rules….

Be warned, the rules are extremely hard to follow and most people just give up before they get started…


For the past 3 months I’ve been running these contests and awarding one lucky winner with 150 in STEEM Power for an entire calendar month.

The rules of entry are as follows…

1. Comment On This Post

2. Be Sure You Are Following Me

3. Re-Steem The Contest Post

I know, I know…That’s a ton of work!

On Monday September the 17th I will host my Monday Night Thoughts live stream on @dlive and randomly select one winner that completed the steps to entry. And after that…They get delegated 150 STEEM Power for one full month.

Time for a little bit of transparency….

I like to explain to readers and followers WHY I’m doing this so folks will understand my reasoning behind it.

First up, I’m a huge believer in STEEM as the blockchain and a social media platform with all it’s apps. So I want to build my followers over time and this is a great way for me to do it. I would love to engage with everyone and the comments allow me to do that. So yup, it’s a little selfish but I want to get to know YOU!

Second, it helps a fellow Steemian! 150 STEEM Power isn’t going to make you rich, but it will allow you to crush it and generate some extra upvote value and exposure for the entire month. It could be just the bump you’ve been looking for and could really help fire up your STEEM experience…

But wait….There’s more 🙂

At the Steem Creators conference I got to meet Joseph Savage who is the creator of @steembasicincome

Essentially, this project aims to provide a ‘basic income‘ for every Steemian by a unique pay-it-forward method of sponsoring…I talked to him and let him know that I would love to incorporate Steem Basic Income into these contests I run…


There will be secondary prizes as well 🙂

I will award @steembasicincome sponsorships to 10 lucky winners of the contest as well.

Not bad huh?

Free STEEM for life and a chance to win 150 STEEM Power!

If you are curious about STEEM Basic Income, please check out their account and give them a follow!

And with that….Good luck to everyone! Thanks for making this contest so much fun and I look forward to engaging with you…Because with you, this journey just isn’t the same…


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