It’s Time For Me To Stand Up….

I’m writing this blog post from…

A new angle! And level…

Literally 🙂

So for the past few years I’ve been telling myself…I need a stand up desk!

I’m hardly what you would call the picture of health, and seeing that I spend the majority of my day sitting…It can be good for my long term health.

However, I didn’t find the right solution for my needs….Some of the stand up desks on the market are priced more than a few mortgage payments, and others are too small to hold my multiple monitors.

Until I found this solution…


While it’s a bit bulky, and does raise my entire computer a good 6 inches off my current desk…This is the money shot….


Literally, PERFECT!

I’m typing this blog from it’s ‘upright’ position and it’s extremely comfortable. The keyboard is right where I like it to be (when I place is directly in front of my monitor…) and so far my productivity hasn’t suffered a bit….I’m loving it so far!

The model is the Rocelco Adjustable Desk Riser…

And as my first experience with a stand up desk, I’m impressed.

A few things I would change though….


Remember above I mentioned that I placed my keyboard in front of the monitor…It’s because that slide out shelf they built in for the keyboard takes up a lot of space. So I am going to see how I can remove it completely and I did improvise to find a spot for my mouse when the desk riser is flat…


All in all though, this is pretty slick!

And heck, if it helps my health just a little bit…It’s worth it!

Have you had any experience with a stand up desk?

If so, have you used a full desk or one of these desk risers?

I’m looking forward to hearing your experience with these…And now I have to re-arrange my entire office…

Wife told me it’s time to 😉



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