Jon G. Olson – World’s Worst Employee

Today’s post is supposed to be…Funny???

Over the past few months I’ve done my best to give you some great content and I truly hope you have found value from it…

Today though….I need to laugh at myself!

So I’m on the west coast of Canada on a mini-vacation and spending some time with a friend of mine. He asked if I’d be interested in helping him out with some work related things…

“Sure man! I’ll help!”

What do you need? An email written? A blog post? What about a recorded video or two?

Nope, he requires some manual labor!

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m allergic to those words. I haven’t had a ‘job’ that required any kind of physicality for about….20 years!

But he’s offering me some cash and I would love to help him out…Because hey, what are friends for lol

I was busy for about 3 hours today and then….This happened:


We’re ‘working’ in an older part of Victoria British Columbia in a house that must have been built in the 40’s…So of course, the basement in this place was designed for someone about 4 feet tall….

I’m 6’2″

Head…Meet door frame!

Don’t mind the lack of hair…In my aging it’s disappearing 😉

But it’s safe to say…The door frame didn’t move! I, on the other hand, fell backwards and started seeing stars…After 20 minutes of sitting down to make sure I didn’t concuss myself, I got back to work…

So yeah…I admit it, while I’d love to blame the architects from the 40’s this is in fact a result of being…

The World’s Worst Employee!

I admit it!

And I’ll make it known…If you need some work around the house done, don’t call me….Because I’ll end up in the hospital!

I know this isn’t the type of post you may be used to reading from me…But I hope you got a laugh out of it at my expense 🙂

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