toilet paper

Jongo’s Great Toilet Paper Hunt

It all started with a simple request from my wife….

“I think we’re out of toilet paper babe, can you run to the store and get some…”

This started what would end up being quite the adventure.

A simple request right? So I grabbed my keys and started to drive towards our local Wal-Mart…I mean, toilet paper…They usually have the best deals for this every day product and I thought it would take a few minutes out of my day…At most.

So I get to the store and start my search…Usually they have plenty of toilet paper on display as soon as you walk through the doors…But there was none to be seen.


So I went to the aisle where they usually have it…

toilet paper

Sold out…!


It’s toilet paper…How on earth can Wal-Mart, of all places, be sold out of toilet paper….?

Apparently this is the most desired product on earth!

Not to worry….

I’ll check the next big bulk store next to Wal-Mart….They’ll have some for sure.

I mean, it’s toilet paper…

toilet paper

Come on…..

Are you kidding me?

That’s two stores completely sold out of….TOILET PAPER!

It got me thinking, if the zombies ever come…We’re history!

So I proceeded to check the next few store and couldn’t find a single roll of toilet paper….In 4 stores in about 3 miles around my home, there wasn’t a single roll to be had….

Desperate times called for desperate measures….

I ended up in a local drug store (where they are famous for over pricing it..) and…..


I found it!

There was 2 packs of toilet paper left and another customer seemed to be on the same hunt I was…So I gave them the second pack and we shared a laugh…!

toilet paper

Mission accomplished!

16 rolls of glorious, top quality toilet paper! For double the price of what it would usually cost…

Zombies be DAMNED!

If this virus ends up killing us all….At least my family and I will have extra clean bums!

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