Jump by Steve Harvey [Book Review]

Everyone loves Steve Harvey! The host of Family Feud, the radio personality, the comedian….The host of Miss Universe….

Oh boy, there’s a topic everyone is familiar with! Steve and his legendary ‘mistake’ that traveled the world of internet memes for the better part of 2016. His latest book ‘Jump’ not only goes into detail of what transpired that eventful evening, but how his faith and family got him through one of the most difficult times of his life.

This book is part memoir, part personal development, and part spiritual growth wrapped up into one package.

What’s unique about Steve Harvey, the author, is that his books feel like he’s in the room talking to you one on one. I was a huge fan of his last book ‘Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success‘ and I was surprised how well he transitions from being a public figure on television to being a fantastic personal development author.

It’s a special gift, and he showcases it well on ‘Jump‘.

steve harvey jump

This book contains a lot of stories on how he became a success. From sleeping in his car, to working for Ford. From being paid 50 bucks a week doing what he loved on stage to becoming the face of Family Feud.

There are success stories but just as important, Steve shares some of his more personal failures as well.

His success wasn’t overnight and he stresses the importance of actually taking action on ones dreams. Each chapter has a story from his life and a lesson attached to it that he shares with his readers. And while some people might say it’s too simple a concept to just ‘jump’ into success, I got the message loud and clear.

Everything we do, no matter what we choose to do in life, doesn’t matter if a few things aren’t lined up properly…

Our faith, our family and our action taking! We have to jump. And we have to jump often.

Overall, this was a quick but enjoyable read. Not a breakthrough for me like ‘Act Like A Success‘ but still a fantastic window into the life of one of America’s most familiar faces.

4 thoughts to “Jump by Steve Harvey [Book Review]”

  1. I don’t think a lot of people consider Steve Harvey as an -author- much. His -brand- is more related to his public success. However, that should NOT limit the consideration of what he has to say!

    The excerpt you chose – “There Are No Straight Lines In Nature” – display the relevance of what he has to say.

    Exploring both the positives, and negatives, along the path(s) we travel allows us to continue forward on the journey. We do not learn by only examining what we see as a success. There are many deviations, and dead ends, we must travel and overcome.

    Another very good book to review Jon! 🙂

    1. Oh it was surprising how good an author he was. Act Like A Success was brilliant stuff.

      This was a good book too. The man is a talent, that’s for sure.

  2. Hi Jon thanks for the great book review. Your review was very well written. I only knew the original Family Feud Host, Richard Dawson, who was also in Hogan’s Heroes. So I looked Steve Harvey up on You Tube on Family Feud. What a funny show!!! Steve was amazing in the video. Hilarious!

    1. I hit “ENTER Button” to soon. His books sounds awesome. Faith and Family he was very fortunate. Nothing ever happens over night. I wish I could read like you do, but I like to watch documentaries every now and then on YouTube. Whether it’s a famous rock band or actress or actor – it has always taken them a decade or more to become famous!

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