Just Shut Up and Do It! by Brian Tracy (Book Review)

I am a huge fan of Brian Tracy. Eat That Frog and Goals! are two of my all time favorite personal development books and on my weekly trips to the bookstore, I’m always on the look out for something new from Mr. Tracy.

I found his newest book Just Shut Up and Do It last week and snatched it up really quick. And while a lot of this book is echoes of his previous work, it was a wonderful refresher on some of the techniques and tricks you can use to conquer your goals.

Brian breaks this easy to read book into 7 steps and coming in just under 100 pages, this is concise, practical and very easy to read and understand.

My favorite part of the book was chapter 4 ‘Decide What You Really Want‘. This in essence was his best selling book Goals! in a short 10 page chapter with an extremely useful lesson on how to create lifelong goals and achieve each of them step by step!
Just Shut Up and Do It Book Review

The book is filled with easy to follow instructions and some very impactful quotes…And while it’s not one of Brian’s longest books, it could be considered one of his most impactful.

I truly believe in the microwave society we live in and all the influences around us, books like this are so important. Not only does it talk about creating the life you desire but it doesn’t drag on and on. The message is clear, the power to change your life is within your hands.

Brian Tracy Quotes

And you don’t need 300 pages to explain that 😉

I not only recommend Just Shut Up and Do It, but all of Brain’s books. He’s on of my favorite authors for a reason! This is the perfect introduction into the world of Brian Tracy!

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EDIT: Congrats to Stephen Whittle for winning the copy of Brian’s new book! It’s in the mail and headed your way sir!

13 thoughts to “Just Shut Up and Do It! by Brian Tracy (Book Review)”

    1. It’s awesome. I mean Goals! was one of his best works….But I’m so glad I got this book, it was a great reminder of the importance of goal setting.

  1. Thanks for these reviews, Reading this also makes me want to read more ( never been much for reading) With your love for books, learning and growing and always sharing this with us,,, It has been and is a great inspiration for me. I look forward to the next review

    1. Thanks Candis. I’m going to try to do a review every few weeks now. Problem is, I read so much….I never know which book people would like to know about the most….lol

  2. I’m actually having a great time earning contest points and getting A few sign-ups maybe the badgehunt got a fire under me joined Adrain,s-hub bee roaring ever since I,m just getting it done baby peace out John

  3. Hi Jon this books sounds really great! My Dad use to always say, “Just Do It!” I am not sure if he said to “shut up” but he was tough and successful. His Mom and Dad immigrated from Italy and his Dad was a street sweeper. My Dad’s sister put him through college. I am not saying you need to go to college to be successful, but just telling a little history of my Dad. There were not any silver spoons before him and none after him that I know of.

  4. Hi Jon,

    Thinking about starting a quarterly book club at work based on the books like this, so I’m hoping that they’re clever enough to have heard of this author and let me buy a dozen copies.

    Great idea about the contest, and you’ll see my hashtag entry.


    1. Thank you sir…..Yeah books like this are so crucial for today’s entrepreneur. Mostly because the message is clear and doesnt need 300 pages to get the message across

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