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The K.I.S.S. Method For Goal Setting…Plus 1 Style!

Goal setting is something every expert in personal development has addressed at one time or another.

It’s part of their ‘shtick’….”Hey look how easy you can achieve all your goals if you just write them down!

I’ve read about 2 dozen books on the topic, plus bought every ‘productivity planner’ you could imagine and while some of the advice is fantastic, these ‘easy to follow systems’ seem to be anything but ‘easy’.

So it got me thinking…

What if we could take all the awesome advice from the best goal setting books around like Brian Tracy’s Goals! and Gary Keller’s One Thing and combine it with Plus 1 Daily simplicity….What would be the results?

Here was the game plan….

For the first 2 weeks, we wrote down our Top 10 goals that we would like to achieve in a year.

Every day for those 2 weeks, we wrote the Top 10. The trick was to not look at what you wrote the previous day, but do a little bit of self discovery and go with your gut feeling. No matter what, write down those top 10 goals…

After 2 weeks, we would take a snap shot of the 3 goals that seemed to appear the most and at the top of your lists.

These would become your focus goals.

Why are they the top goals you wrote down the most? Simply because that is what you thought of first. These were your passions. The cream of the crop!

Now comes the fun part….

We have 3 goals to focus on;

Goal #1
Goal #2
Goal #3

For each goal we then have to ask ourself this question….What one task, if I did it daily, would help me reach each goal?

That’s your Plus 1 Task or P1T!

For the next 30 days try it out…

Every day, you start with your 3 goals and then do the task that would help you reach that goal. Every day! And just in case you think I’m repeating myself…I mean…Every day 🙂

That then becomes a habit and before you know it, your goals are being reached….

I’m living proof that this method works and I share my examples on the free PDF download you can check out here. Which gives you instructions on how to start your journey and gives you examples from yours truly…The original guinea pig 🙂

Here’s why this system worked for me, so I know it’ll work for you.

It’s focused.

It’s simple.

Most goal setting systems forget this one important point, we aren’t trying to complicate our goal setting habits, so if we keep things simple more people will complete the 30 day challenge. These goals and daily tasks aren’t going to frustrate us, it’s things we can do every day that helps us become better at sunset than we were at sunrise.

It’s goal setting done Plus 1 style 🙂

Your Free Goal Setting PDF Downloads:

Step 1 – The Guinea Pig Goal Setting Challenge PDF – Download Here!

Step 2 – The Plus 1 Daily Goal Setting System PDF – Download Here!

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