Keeping Up With The Joneses Will Kill Ya’! [VIDEO]

I did a post last week that talked about the brutally honest truths of affiliate marketing. It was a fun post with a lot of self-evaluation and tips on what we should expect going into an affiliate marketing business…

I left out a big nugget though…

It was pretty important and even though I touched on it briefly I thought we needed to hammer this point home.

We live in a world of political divide, wars, insane competition and the worst part about it all, is that we are force fed it through cable television and social media 24/7. Here’s a fun fact…You can’t control ANY OF IT!

You know what you can control?

1440 minutes a day!

The 1440 minutes that you have been blessed with, you get to DECIDE what to do with those precious moments and hopefully grow yourself and your business. It’s tempting to check the latest Facebook drama. It’s enticing to idolize your competition and wish you could do what they did. You can worry what someone else is doing with their life…


You can focus on what YOU do in those 1440 minutes.

You can build YOUR business. You can control what you can, and forget the rest.

It’s such a powerful practice to adopt because everything else just becomes noise and really doesn’t matter to you and your business. And what happens when you do this, you start to get better results. People start to notice you more. They are attracted by the laser focus you are giving YOUR business rather than spending idle time ranting about drama on social media.

But hey, again, it’s your CHOICE!

I would recommend spending time reading some good books, learning from other successful people, working on your craft….Getting better EVERYDAY!

Or….you can always waste your 1440 minutes on re-runs of Seinfeld….

Your choice!

13 thoughts to “Keeping Up With The Joneses Will Kill Ya’! [VIDEO]”

  1. Hey, I LIKE Seinfield! 🙂

    Focus on what you can control. If you want to do better, then put your time/effort into developing new skills and knowledge that will make that happen. Fairly simple, really.

  2. Great Post as always Jon 🙂 .

    In what things you Invest your Time will decide your Life.
    Seeing any Serials or Movies all day and expecting to see results in your Business will never happen.
    What you Sow is what you Reap Simple as that :).

  3. Hey Jon, thanks for this follow-up recording. I’m a big supporter and practitioner of focusing on what builds our business and to make ourselves better persons today than we were yesterday.

    During the past few days I had big trouble focusing! I got sucked into the same kind of insane confrontations America faces and which runs in my country as well. You practically can’t avoid it: it’s on your computer or phone (email campaigns, surveys, social media), TV, in the street, in regular talks with anyone and everyone.

    Yesterday I realized I couldn’t stop thinking of anything else. When I ate, when I worked, when I talked with my parents, every few minutes this topic was in my head. If someone wants to manipulate a country into crushing and burning from inside, that’s the way to do it. No one will be focused on working anymore… Forget about growing businesses!

    Luckily I understood what this means and I created a sort of bubble for myself until this nonsense goes away. Hopefully soon for all of our sakes… Nothing we can do for anyone else except saying this.

    1. Dude, guilty myself!!!

      Turn on anything and it’s drama. Nothing but drama on tv, social etc….

      But if we CHOOSE to focus on our businesses and growing ourselves, all that stuff is just noise and we dont even notice it.

  4. Enjoyed your comments on how to spend one’s time. Much of my recent time has been spent watching the political news and it has staken over my life. After reading your article, it is way past to quit listening and watching all that is going on in this world. There is nothing I can do to change the world. BUT, I can pray for God to intervene and give us all Peace.

    Thank you Jon!

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Amen to that! Yeah don’t worry…I’m GUILTY as charged…Spend way too much time watching political drama. Thanks very much for the comments!

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