The Key To Referring Anyone, To Any Program [VIDEO]

Today’s lesson is so important to everyone that has ever tried to refer people to their business or downlines in any program online. Click ‘Read More‘ to view the session and remember this VERY IMPORTANT lesson…Promote YOU first in anything you do! It’s the difference between success and failure in an online marketing environment!

8 thoughts to “The Key To Referring Anyone, To Any Program [VIDEO]”

  1. I love CTP, Plus1 Daily, and the videos Jon. I have learned so much and there is so much to do. You can not do it all in one day and maybe not ever get it all done. It can be overwhelming at times but don’t let that stop you. Get started. The little things that you do each day can build long term results. Building your brand is number one. I hope that I have gotten people to recognize that my passion is to help other to be successful. You don’t have to be in my downline to get my help. I am not asking you to help me. And I am not saying that I am necessarily saying that I am the expert. I know where to send people to get what they need. CTP is one of my favorite resources to recommend.

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