Know Thy Customers [VIDEO]

Let’s take a trip! Back in time! I needed customers! I needed to build a business. I needed to actually make money…

As a young entrepreneur I tried my hand at every get rich quick scheme you could imagine. I tried this program. Bought that product. I was the definition of a slot machine marketer. Until I ‘stopped’ trying to sell and make money…

Yeah you read that right!

When I actually stopped trying to sell things to people, I started to actually SELL things to people. Let me explain.

I changed the way I looked at my customers. I stopped thinking of them as user names and user numbers, they were actual people behind these online profiles. I didn’t have 5 people join my downline, I had Kent, Nancy, Kevin, Monty and Henrik join my downline….

Each one of them had dreams, goals and business plans that I needed to know about, and see how I could help them achieve those goals. It changed the way I thought about business. And when I did, I started to actually attract more people and more customers. I started to give them value and put people before profits.

Seems too good to be true right? You might be telling yourself…”Sure Jon, people before profits…Sounds great but this isn’t a charity!

Agreed! But your customers are the life blood of your business. Without them, you have nothing and we need to remember that. They don’t necessarily care about what YOU are promoting, they want YOU to give them value and good service. If what you promote, fits into their plans, adds value to their dreams and goals…You win!

Know your customer!

Know what they want, and how you can help them achieve it. The golden rule is treat others like you want to be treated, I’d say treat them GREAT without expecting any reciprocity. Treating people and putting them first is the RIGHT thing to do, in all situations.

And then a beautiful thing starts happening…You start ‘selling’ more, because you remember that THEY come first. Always!

4 thoughts to “Know Thy Customers [VIDEO]”

  1. I have to totally agree with you – when you put yourself out there either in video, blogs or social media and open up the doors as a go to guy/gal – things really start to happen. Even tho you don’t walk up to the person behind the screen – they are still a person and wanted to be treated like a person.

    Think about it when you are out in the offline world at a party – do you walk up to a person and say hi and start pitching to them – well if you do – they are just looking for an excuse to get away from you. BUT if you walked up to a person and say Hi and find that common interest that you share whether – how many kids, got any grandkids, pets, gardening – there are lot of subjects that can break down the barrier. This is no different with online marketing – people like to deal with people that they trust, have similar interest and not treated like just a number. Come on think about it – don’t you????

    1. Exactly! The relationship is everything! What goes on ‘before’ the pitch is what matters because then you never have to ‘pitch’ at all.

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