Learn How $2.73 A Day Can Change Your Life! [VIDEO]

I know $2.73 doesn’t sound like a lot of money…But follow me on this example and you’ll see how pocket change and learning how to earn that daily, can change your life!

Let’s talk about fantasy and reality. The fantasy that you have heard are statements like this;

“You can make a million dollars from your online business this month!”


“You can be rich, just follow my training course for $500 a month!”

Here’s the reality:

These statements aren’t only false but they are designed to do one thing and one thing only….Separate you from your hard earned money!

But this story isn’t all doom and gloom, I want to introduce you to this crazy concept of earning $2.73 a day for a year. Mastering every aspect of how and why you are earning that sum and growing your business from it. Let’s look at the numbers and facts!

$2.73 a day everyday for a year translates into roughly $1000 a year (give or take a few bucks). Now while this may not allow you to quit your day job it’s a very solid foundation to build a life time income. But you must be focusing on building your affiliate commissions , not in the latest greatest online opportunity, but in evergreen affiliate programs like autoresponders, tracking services, website designing software, etc.

What is an ever green product?

Simply put it’s a tool that you will use for your business as much in a year from now, as you are today.

And when you refer people to these kind of products, they tend to stay the course in them. They don’t come and go, they use them for years and years.

Once you’ve referred enough people to these programs and it’s growing, you are on your way to earning $27.39 a day. Multiply that by 365 days a year and BAM, you are now a five figure earner. Crazy huh? And it’s simply by referring a few new people every week to programs that they will use for…Years!

Once you’ve mastered $27.39 a year, you can then keep growing and hit $273.97 and then $2739.73….Oh look at that, it’s the big 6 and 7 figure incomes the gurus promised you. However it’s not overnight and it’s not automatic. It takes years to develop this method but I am living proof that it works…

In the mid 2000’s I made a decision to focus my affiliate marketing on building downlines in certain autoresponders and tracking services. That build me a solid residual monthly income that allowed me to grow and create the businesses of my dreams. The rest is history…

But it all started…With $2.73!

That’s the trick. Learn the basics and master them! Start small, grow daily!

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  1. Wow,

    This makes soo much sense … thanks for planting this seed of reality .

    my cell phone bill , cable tv, ect. examples

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