Less Than 24 Hours Away From…The ‘Contest’!

A few days ago I announced that I would be doing something..A little different for my followers on Steemit. 🙂

It’s being heralded as the most difficult contest in the history of Steem! The rumors are true…Participants have been going to the ends of the earth to get qualified to win ‘the contest of all contests!’!

The details are as follows…

I’m awarding one of my followers 100 Steem Power for the entire month of July (July 2nd to August 2nd)

The goal for this contest was give someone a boost this summer! I remember what it was like to try to get that original ‘boost’ needed to get the ‘steem’ rolling when I got started on Steemit. The first thing I realized was that I needed ‘Steem Power’ to help grow my account because without that, it was an even bigger uphill battle…

Hopefully, the response will continue to grow throughout the month and then we can award 200 Steem Power in August and so on…

Fingers crossed of course 🙂

I’m a big fan of Steemit and the entire STEEM blockchain! I joined back in December of 2017 and I’m not overstating it when I say it has changed my life. I haven’t felt so passionate about a social media platform...Ever. On top of that, the crypto element and blockchain technology has captured my imagination. I’ve created entire training courses on STEEM to introduce as many people as I can to this blockchain and I’m waving the STEEM flag everywhere I go…

It’s become my passion!

Anyways, enough about me and my STEEM dreams because this is about YOU, my follower and reader 🙂

The rules are extremely difficult to follow though like I mentioned in my last post…

The winner must;

1. Follow me @jongolson

2. ReSteem the first post (or this one!)

Crazy complicated 🙂

The draw will be held later today during my live stream @dlive for Monday Night Thoughts (8pm eastern)

Finally, we will randomly select an entry and make sure they followed the entry rules. After that…The delegation will be awarded.

So here we go…I hope you enjoy the contest and good luck to everyone… 🙂

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