Let’s Put The Affiliate Back Into Affiliate Marketing [VIDEO]

Affiliate marketing! It’s such a buzz word these days. Everyone and their mother wants to claim that they are an affiliate of this, an affiliate of that…Or that they have an affiliate marketing business.

Problem is…They rarely if ever set up a solid foundation to actually grow an online business the right way, and because of that, end up giving up in a few months.

Today, we’re going to look at the 3 things you should be focusing on and WHY you need to working on these things IN ORDER to properly grow an affiliate business.

1. Build Your List First – It’s amazing that this is even up for debate these days but ask ANY affiliate marketing leader and they’ll tell you this. Without a list, you don’t have an affiliate marketing business. Here’s a fun fact, your list is your biggest asset in business. It’s how you communicate, build relationships, make money and start growing your brand online. There are so many reasons why you need to be building your list, I can’t go over them all right now but know this…Without your LIST FIRST (the people!!!!) you have nothing!

2. Build Your Brand Over Time – Personal branding is a fun buzz word these days too…I’ll even call this your online reputation which is a big part of your personal brand. You see, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Period. And the more you work with people and get them to know like and trust you, the better. This takes time though, trust is earned and now that I’m going on my 20th year in affiliate marketing I know this more than ever…Trust cannot be bought. It cannot be sold. It has to be earned and treated like gold. This is what sets you up for BIG time success, or big time failure. It all comes down to what people associate your personal brand with.

3. Build Your Business With Front End / Back End Selling
– So now that you’ve been building your list and brand over time, you need to actually start making money right? You know what’s funny, the first time I ‘got it’ when it came to back end / front end selling is when I started to understand that you need to stop TRYING to make money online to actually make money online! Huh? What? When you focus on the front end (building your list and brand) and only that, you spend time developing your back end. Which means you start to recommend things to your list, suggesting new affiliate opportunities, etc…THAT’S how you start to make money online!

Again, this takes time and the more you work with your list and on your brand the more results you will see. Setting up a proper funnel so that you can effectively sell on the back end is a HUGE part of your affiliate marketing business but you cannot do that without building your LIST first and your brand over time.

Do it the right way, and you’ll have a fantastic 2017!!!

6 thoughts to “Let’s Put The Affiliate Back Into Affiliate Marketing [VIDEO]”

  1. Affiliate Marketing 101!

    It is amazing how many people – new and experienced marketers alike, will ignore this information because for some reason they think they “know better.” I guess we have all done that at one time or another.

    This is exactly the type of information that the industry needs to be flooded with – now more than ever!

    Thanks for another great post Jon!

    1. Thank you sir, appreciate that! Yeah I’ll do my best, to keep putting content out there 🙂 Hopefully more marketers get it!

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